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Campaign Spotlight: For the GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE (September 24), Fridays For Future U.S. launches “The Denial”

LOS ANGELES, USA – For decades now, climate activists & scientists have highlighted the dangerous effects of global warming on the earth. Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and floods are happening at an alarming rate, and 200 species are disappearing every day from the face of the earth, never to return. These effects impact everyone and are most devastating to our most vulnerable: the poorest and younger generations.  Since it was launched in 2008 by Greta ThunbergFridays for Future has represented GenZ activists everywhere. Its mission is to point to the science, and call for those in power to take the facts seriously, and act accordingly.

Nevertheless, leaders are still not doing enough to limit warming. They’re not even close to solving the problem.


On the anniversary of the Global Climate Strike, one of the most iconic dates in the climate fight, one of the chapters of Greta Thunberg’s Climate Movement Fridays For Future (fridaysforfuture.org) unveils “The Denial” – a new spot by FRED & FARID Los Angeles produced by ‘dream’. The spot illustrates our denial about the climate crisis with a metaphor: running into a wall. It is literally what we are doing today when it comes to climate change.

Katharina Maier, Organizer with Fridays For Future U.S. (fridaysforfutureusa.org): “The good news is that scientists believe limiting warming is absolutely technically possible. With renewable energy technologies, changes in farming and transport, and other big changes, we can limit warming and avoid even worse outcomes. However most of us are not shifting our way of living, way of consuming, way of travelling, way of producing energy, etc… We are literally collectively running into a wall. This is why we decided to play on this contradiction and the urgency to act to save our planet before it’s too late.”

This new campaign marks the 4th collaboration between FRED & FARID Los Angeles and Fridays for Future. In early 2021, on the day that NASA’s Perseverance Rover touched down on Mars, Fridays For Future U.S. unveiled 1% – a satirical tourism ad for Mars, developed with the Los Angeles creative agency, to awaken the 99% of humans who will have to stay on Earth.


Title of ad: The Denial
Client: Fridays For Future

Agency: FRED & FARID Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
Creative Director: Nicolas Berthier
Agency Supervisor: Jules Chaffiotte
Executive Producer: Amanda Van Caneghem
Director: dream
Cinematographer: Amos Leblanc
Producer: Napattararat  Preechapattananon
Producer: Ennia Bosshard
Stylist: May Chucheewa
Stylist assistant: Georgia Dinsdale
AD: Yussef Nabih
Gaffer: Daniel Macri
Best boy: Antonio Gramegna
1st AC: Remi Pinaud
2nd AC: Maxence Minebois
DMT: Ohm Chaowanapreecha
Art Director: Mark Harris
Art assistant: Luc Du Tout
Drone operator: Ross Silcocks
Post production: dream inc.
Sound designer: Anders Singh Vesterdahl

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