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Campaign Spotlight: Fortuna revives the spirit of optimism in Semen Tiga Roda integrated campaign, inspiring Indonesians to be sturdy

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – For 46 years, Semen Tiga Roda has been contributing to the development and progress of the country. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious social and economic effects and has been challenging for Indonesians. Faced with these challenging times, Semen Tiga Roda wants to revive the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of the Indonesian people via their integrated campaign titled “Kepercayaan yang Kokoh” or “Belief, Cast in Concrete”.

This integrated campaign encompassing TVC, digital, on-ground activation, CSR, and PR, aims to inspire Indonesians to be strong and hopeful.


Kepercayaan yang Kokoh Selamanya – Aries Susanti Rahayu

Kepercayaan yang Kokoh Selamanya – Artrien Adhiputri

Kepercayaan yang Kokoh Selamanya – Muhammad Risqi

Centered around the stories of three Indonesians, the campaign is launched with TVC, Online content, and digital activation. First is the story of Aries Susanti Rahayu, a fast wall climber athlete who has surprised everyone with her speed and commitment. She’s the women’s world record holder in speed climbing world record and world Champion. The second figure is Dr. Artrien, a pulmonologist, a mother, and a wife. She was contracted with COVID-19 while taking care of her patients and had to be isolated alone, away from her family and children. The last figure is Risqi, a once successful events business owner who was forced to close down his business during the pandemic. But he didn’t stop there.

In difficult times, consumers don’t want brands to keep advertising to them, they want someone to give them support and guidance. As a good partner and the brand guardian of Semen Tiga Roda, we believe that only with true emphatic and responsible approach we can make our communication meaningful to Indonesians at large. This, of course, without forgetting what the brand always stands for; all about strength and trustworthiness. Building credibility as a compassionate and understanding business during times of crisis is crucial,” said Sasa Ratna Puspita, CEO, Fortuna.

“Through the stories of these individuals, we want to rally the people of Indonesia and inspire them to be hopeful again. By shining light and celebrating Indonesians who have unwavering strength and belief. That’s solid as Semen Tiga Roda concrete. After all, tough times don’t last, tough people do.” said Gavin Simpson, Creative Creative Office, Fortuna.

“We want the story to be as relatable as possible because Semen Tiga Roda is there for everyone for the last 46 years, generation to generation. Being sturdy is the power of the Indonesian nation to overcome any storm. Through this campaign, we would like to show our contribution in uplifting the spirit of the Indonesian people, and together we can overcome the pandemic,” said Dion Sumedi, General Manager of Sales, PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk Indonesia.

The three films are launched on the official account of Semen Tiga Roda on YouTube and Instagram starting March 12, 2021. View the microsite: http://kokohselamanya.sementigaroda.com/


Client: PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk Indonesia.
Creative Agency: Fortuna, Indonesia
Chief Executive Officer: Sasa Ratna Puspita
Chief Creative Officer: Gavin Simpson
Associate Creative Director: Debrina Rao
Copy Writer: Reyno Santosa
Art Director: Novian Gelang
Agency Executive Producer: Yutha Oktavina
Account Management: Melinda Loyde, Christyana Gunawan
Associate Strategic Planning Director: Galih Sutrisno
Production House : Aidea Indonesia
Executive Producer: Yudha Hari Radite
Director & DOP: Giri Prasetyo
Producer: Ricky Adikama Putra
Musician: Tommy Respati
Offline: Domie
Post Production (Color Grading & Online): Revisilagi

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