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Campaign Spotlight: Fred & Farid continue Longchamp Le Pliage campaign with two new spots

LOS ANGELES, USA — In partnership with creative agency FRED & FARID Los Angeles, Longchamp launches the second chapter of “It is not a bag. It is Le Pliage” with two new spots.

Advancing the central insight that Le Pliage is more than a bag, the campaign’s second chapter artistically celebrates two beautiful concepts: Le Pliage Cuir, made of métis leather, and Le Pliage Re-Play, a new, upcycled bag made with remaining fabric from Longchamp ateliers.

Considering the remarkable success of the previous campaign, FRED & FARID worked again with the renowned Studio Sander Plug and its founder of the same name — an internationally-awarded film director, photographer, visual artist, and designer — to bring this new chapter of “It is not a bag. It is Le Pliage” to life.


Set to the same upbeat track as the launch campaign, the “Replay” film shows two cheerful women as they unspool the ends of fabric rolls to craft Le Pliage Re-Play bags.

Going one step further to repurpose the rolls themselves, the duo creates marionette-style figures that hold their new bags and dance around with them, twirling gracefully as the group showcases their new creations.

In “Cuir”, we see a young woman walking with a Le Pliage Cuir in hand as she stumbles upon a giant version of her same bag. Deciding to rest on the supple leather as if it were a luxurious couch, she nearly falls asleep, until she’s disrupted by a giant version of herself snatching up the Le Pliage Cuir — creating a never-ending loop.

And the massive Le Pliage Cuir isn’t just a visual device — it was actually made exactly to scale, creating a real-life giant version of the bag.

The playful affair shown in “Replay” is a bright illustration of Longchamp’s upcycling process and “Le Pliag Green,” the brand’s long-term commitment to using responsible materials. Crafted using the remaining recycled nylon and other excess materials from original Le Pliage®️ bags, Le Pliage Re-Play bags are only available in limited quantities — making this sustainable treat even sweeter.

Both “Replay” and “Cuir” are joyful celebrations of Longchamp’s rich history of authenticity and bold creativity. From the bags themselves to the spots showcasing them, this commitment to ingenuity, craftsmanship, and imagination comes as no surprise for anyone familiar with Longchamp.

Even after three decades of steady success, the brand continues to position itself at the creative forefront. Highlighting both refined classics and new pieces, Longchamp’s new spots confirm, yet again, that it’s not just a bag, “It is Le Pliage.”

“Fred & Farid and Studio Sander Plug managed for this second “It is not a bag, it is Le Pliage” campaign to capture the essence of what Le Pliage really means. A mix of universality, joyful news, freedom, and French spirit. This series truly is a tribute to an iconic bag which evolves through the times, from its eco conception to this new upcycled version,” said Longchamp CMO Marie Laure Dubuisson.

“We’re so happy to see such a big success with the campaign platform. It was so important to us that the campaign and tagline “It is not a bag. It is Le Pliage®️.” felt as iconic as the Le Pliage itself and that people from around the world would appreciate and connect this playful spirit to the brand which has so much personality,” said FRED & FARID.

In addition to the always-on work done by the agency on Longchamp’s Instagram account, this campaign is the third global Longchamp campaign from the Fred & Farid offices since the collaboration started in 2020. With hundreds of assets created over the past 3 years, the agency continues to build both the “Très Paris” and “It is not a bag. It is Le Pliage” platforms.

Client: Longchamp
CEO: Jean Cassegrain
Creative Director: Sophie Delafontaine
CMO: Marie-Laure Dubuisson
Image Production Director: Margaux Marshall Albaladejo
Visual Production Project Manager: Marie Coumes

Agency: Fred & Farid Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
Managing Director: Severine Autret
Creative Director: Chelsea Steiger
Writer: Ciana Alessi
Account Director: Charlotte Dacier
Agency Producer: Agnes Bouille

Production Company: Studio Sander Plug
Director & Photographer: Sander Plug
Producer: Maarten Le Roy
Stylist: Thomas Vermeer

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