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Campaign Spotlight: FRED & FARID Paris brings sport fans back to the stadiums with ‘Back on the Field’

PARIS, FRANCE — When the Pandemic crisis struck in 2020 in France, leaving no other choice than to stop the competitions. Players from all clubs even had to stop training for many weeks. Extremely rare in the life of a professional athlete. No one ever thought the break would last this long – leaving fans for months without a single new game to watch.

So now that the public is finally allowed to attend the championships in stadiums, the French National Rugby League wanted to bring back the excitement and the thrill of the matches to drive ticket sales up after months of pandemics and social distancing.


The film “Back on the Field” is telling in a sensory and chronological way the story of a professional rugby player who goes back to training and games after months of break due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Each shot is a genuine representation of rugby moments enhancing performance, fraternity and conviviality. The multidimensional – up to 120 shots in 50 seconds – sequences are punctuated by the powerful voice of Théo Cholbi, a young French rapper.


Agency : FRED & FARID Paris
Client: Ligue Nationale de Rugby
Title of ad: Back on the Field
Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
Executive Creative Director (CEO) : Olivier Lefebvre
Brand Supervisors: Thomas Otton, Romain Mathieu, Nathan Samson, Arnaud Becquet
Agency Supervisor: Séverine Autret, Olivia Abols, Leslie Hatchwell
Creative Director: Julien-Pierre Mallet
Brand Strategist: Pierre Gris
Agency Producer: Maud Whittle
Production Company: Cousines Et Dépendances
Director: Fabrice Minier

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