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Campaign Spotlight: GC Aesthetics fights peeping toms and topless censorship with Be Sweet campaign

MADRID, SPAIN – The leading Irish breast implant company GC Aesthetics, together with the production company be sweet, is determined that women enjoy this summer to the fullest, sun and air on their skin, and toplessness without criticism, censorship, judgement and voyeurs.



To achieve this goal, be sweet has created for GC Aesthetics the campaign “Boobstickers” with which every woman who wants to can use a series of stickers for Instagram, available on Intragram stories in the gifs section. Designed in a cheerful and summery tone, they nevertheless convey powerful messages denouncing everything that prevents women from enjoying their bodies and the summer. Placed on the breasts of women in their stories on the social network, they claim six big no’s: “No more staring”, “No more body shaming”, “No more prejudice”, “No more judging”, “No more censorship”, “No more haters”.

This initiative aims to denounce what all too often happens around women at this time of the year. Summer is synonymous with partying, joy, freedom… but for many women it is also synonymous with voyeurs, censorship and comments. That’s why the be sweet and GC Aesthetics team has given a twist to a symbol of social networks and summer, such as stickers, taking advantage of their popularity among users and their enormous potential to convey serious and important messages, even with a cheerful tone and aesthetics.

The launch campaign of the boobstickers is supported by a spot, made by Madurga, which manages to capture all the summer spirit in a modern and different way. In addition, influencers will collaborate with the campaign in order to achieve a greater diffusion of the campaign. The art of the boobstickers has been made by the Brazilian artist Paula Cruz.

This is the second work of be sweet for GC Aesthetics, after the success of “An amazing pair of books”, a client whose request from the first moment was to give a whole new look to their brand. And if the previous campaign highlighted the variety of shapes and sizes of women’s breasts by comparing them to the variety of shapes and sizes of books, extolling their uniqueness and beauty, now it seeks to vindicate the right of women to peacefully enjoy their bodies without being judged or censored, all with a modern and cheerful tone.

be sweet, a production company created in 2013 by Juan San Román, is defined by its permanent search for the best talent, creative production solutions and maximum optimization of resources for the production of spots, content and fiction. In 2021 the production company opened its headquarters in the Ventas neighborhood, launched its website, and strengthened its relationship with major national and international agencies.

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