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Campaign Spotlight: Gillette’s Women’s Day Tribute by Grey Africa Honors Mothers Who Raise Men on Their Own 

When a company touches the lives of over 5 billion people around the world, the potential to do good is profound. The people we serve expect more from brands and companies — to do more for society as well as their businesses. According to EBiquity 2018 survey, 9 out of 10 millennials & GenZ-ers expect brands to take a stand on social & environmental issues. They expect brands to be a ‘force for good’. This is a significant shift to what was expected from brands a decade ago.

6 months ago, Gillette, a brand that has become synonymous with men and masculinity over generations, took a powerful stand to advance a more modern, positive vision about what it means for men to be the best that they can be and to set a positive example for the next generation. Our “The Best Men Can Be” film created worldwide debate. The effort is much more than one video – it is a brand commitment to spark and contribute to positive change through our voice as an advertiser and our actions as a brand and a company.  


We are embarking on this journey in South Africa – powerfully expressing our brand purpose to groom the next generation of men. 9 August is Women’s Day in South Africa, and this year, Gillette is paying tribute to the women who are grooming a new generation of South African men.

However, two out of three South African children are raised without their father. When fathers are not involved, boys can’t turn to dad for advice. It is often the women who step up and become a father-figure. Gillette is saluting these unsung heroes. Our Gillette Women’s Day Tribute shares the true story of Gogo Nozizwe, who raised her grandson Akhona by herself. Through her story & her sacrifice, we honour millions more like her who are grooming a new generation of men in this country.

We all have a role to play in shaping a new generation of South African men –  and WE ARE TAKING ACTION. We are proud to announce Gillette’s partnership with THE CHARACTER COMPANY– a non-profit organisation whose mentorship programmes guide young boys into becoming the best men they can be. Visit our website to learn more: .

This is a bold step that we are taking. Help us make this big. Share this with your friends & family, using #GogoNozizwe #GilletteWomensDay #TheBestMenCanBe.

We salute all women this Women’s Day, and thank them for grooming the next generation of South African men.

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