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Campaign Spotlight: GoCompare Promotes the Importance of an Insurance Policy in New Ad by Droga5 Called “Deer”

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — Hot on the heels of one of the most talked about ads of 2019, GoCompare has launched its latest work devised by creative agency Droga5 London.

Entitled ‘Deer’, it will include 30” and 10” TV spots, as well as OOH and DOOH executions. The TV ads will launch on Saturday 4th January, while the OOH elements, comprising a variety of high-impact locations including motion sites at Waterloo and Euston, launched on New Year’s Day.


The previous ad, ‘Tree’, saw brand character Gio Compario recreating a car accident based on a real insurance claim. This new ad shows Gio driving along an empty road only to be confronted by a deer, having to swerve, and damaging the car in the process.

“What you are about to see is based on a true insurance claim,” says the narrator, played by Wynne Evans, who has played Gio Compario since 2009.

As in ‘Tree’, Gio emphasises how important it is to have the right insurance policy for when the unexpected happens. The TV ad is complemented by GoCompare’s new look in OOH, with executions featuring a deer.

In the reconstruction, and the event that inspired it, no animal nor person sustained any injuries. The only thing damaged was the car.

Marsha Riley, vice president of brand preference at GoCompare, says “We work hard to help people get a fair deal on insurance that really meets their needs so that they know they will be taken care of should they ever need to make a claim.

“Our latest ad demonstrates our belief that you need the right cover, not just the cheapest. Car accidents are no joke, but they are an unfortunate reality, and having the right policy can make the financial consequences a lot less painful.”

David Kolbusz, Chief Creative Officer at Droga5 London, added “with ‘Deer’, we add to the original message that you never know what form the unexpected might take, and have Gio share the limelight with a cute deer. As before, we base our advert on a true story, and use this to warn viewers of potential motoring hazards.

“In OOH we refresh the playful design to feature our new protagonist and hope to brighten up a dreary OOH Jan-Feb environment.”

Media planning and buying was handled by Hearts & Science.

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