Brands & Business: Daisei VEHO Works Launches ‘VEHO Press’— a Free Press Release Distribution Service for Startups


HANOI, VIETNAMFrom January 1st 2020, Daisei VEHO Works Co., Ltd officially launches free press release distribution service for startups in 6 Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. This service will be operated in 6 months continuously.

VEHO Press is press release distribution service that helps the companies active in Southeast Asia but having no chances in doing public relation activities. This service will help those companies improve their presence in these countries. 

The startups active in Southeast Asia find it hard to do Marketing about their activities and information to the local residences. Therefore, these marketing activities are usually not popular. The reasons are due to their budget, or they do not know about how to make the public relation activities effectively. Moreover, the startups meet difficulties in boosting their presence in these countries. Through the press release distribution, the information about the startups activities could be expressed, thus, the startups can get trust from the local customers. 

Conditions to be considered as startups: 

The objects of this service are startups which meet the requirements below: 

    1. Provide service/ products within 3 years in 6 Southeast Asian countries; 
    2. Service/ products are expected to be launched within 1 year in 6 Southeast Asian countries; 
    3. Establish new branch within 1 year in 6 Southeast Asian countries. 

 *6 Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia. 

 * The objects will be examined inside

・Information about the press release distribution fee: It is totally free for the startups. They also can choose the translation options. The number of startups that can use this free service is limited (maximum 3 startups). 

Mr. Ryutaro – The CEO of  Daisei VEHO Works Co., Ltd emphasizes, Media in Vietnam and other countries are considered as a reliable, effective Marketing channel. Therefore, we chose this channel to help other companies do their Marketing activities. We desire to help startups in Marketing. Also, as Japanese startup, we are acknowledged about the difficulties that startups meet when they want to expand their business out of border. During the last 2 years, we made a lot of effort to transfer the news from Japanese companies into Vietnamese audiences, which also helps to transfer Japanese culture into Vietnam. We hope that in 2020, there would be more companies, organizations boost their presence in not only Vietnam, but also other Southeast Asian countries.”

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