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Campaign Spotlight: Grey Manila creates a revolution with Mimiyuuuh and Bea Alonzo for Avon

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – What makes Avon different? Grey Manila found out exactly what during the pitch for Power Stay Lightweight Matte Bullet Lipstick, Avon’s 10-hour, long-lasting line. “The task was clear…” said Grey Manila’s CEO John Lucas, “We didn’t need to create the difference. Avon was already different. We just needed to share their story in a current way.” Something the ‘underdog’ brand had already started to tackle with the launch of their global mantra #WatchMeNow. Thankfully, today’s mindful consumers choose brands that stand for something they believe in. And boy did Avon have good reasons, besides being a solid lipstick.

The 135-year-old beauty company is undeniably the pioneer in listening to women’s needs. Take Avon’s response to breast cancer, for instance, donating nearly a billion dollars to the cause; educating 180 million people about the disease, and funding breast health screening for over 16.4 million women. Avon was also the first global beauty company that banned animal testing and has been working for acceptance on non-animal methods for three decades. And years before women could vote in the US, Avon had already created its radical entrepreneurial program that brought women economic freedom.


“What? You mean, even before women were given equal rights as men??” Grey Manila’s Creative Director and Copywriter, Tricia Matoto remarked, inspiring the first 3 lines of the script. “See this? This isn’t just a lipstick. This is a revolution.”

A revolution, indeed. Decisions like casting social media sensation Mimiyuuuh alongside award-winning actress Bea Alonzo, was a huge statement and clear stance on inclusivity; as well as promoting the wearing of makeup for nobody else, but yourself — a bold move for a company in the business of beauty.

In the end, the video, especially Mimiyuuuh’s “…all for me” moment, resonated with many in the still mask-mandated, “all for you” country. Grey Manila isn’t surprised. That’s what you get when you wear the revolution.

#WatchMeNow says the team, because there’s more to come from this Avon campaign.


Avon Cosmetics, Inc.
Head of Creative & Production: Haidee Dujunco
Head of Beauty, Commercial Marketing: Anna Fernandez-Llamas
Global Advertising Manager for Creatives & Content: Berny Songco
Assistant Manager PR & Communications: Gian Figueroa
Assistant Category Manager: Elaine Sadang

Grey Manila
Chief Executive Officer: John Lucas
Chief Creative Officer: Marci Reyes
Creative Director: Tricia Matoto
Copywriter: Tricia Matoto
Senior Art Director: Tal Tantuico
Senior VP for Accounts: Meldy Warren
Senior Account Manager: Jamie Ayllon
Chief Strategy Officer: Agnes Martinez

Producer: Cris Dy-Liacco
Director: Gelo Angustia
House: Nomadeye Productions
Loudbox: Teddy Katigbak, Nioki Aquino
Talents: Bea Alonzo, Mimiyuuuh
VO: Tricia Matoto

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