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Campaign Spotlight: Happy Scrubs launches its mission to bring joy to care homes with collaborative new campaign and art auction

LONDON, UK — Grey is supporting Happy Scrubs, a new social enterprise, to raise funds and achieve its mission to bring joy and happiness to carers and the people they care for.

Happy Scrubs creates colourful scrubs for members of the public to buy and send to a care home of their choice. Grey has brought together a range of organisations to work collaboratively on the launch of this inspirational new organisation, and artists whose pieces of art will be part of the campaign and will be auctioned to raise money. The artists include Benjamin Thomas Taylor, Morag Myerscough, Margo in Margate, Ollie Fowler and Supermundane (current list of confirmed artists below). The works will appear on digital sites and on OOH sites donated by JACK, part of the BUILDHOLLYWOOD family, throughout cities in the UK including London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, and Manchester.

Some of the pieces of art will become painted murals by arts organisation Wood Street Walls to brighten up public areas around Walthamstow in London: so far Murugiah’s and Supermundane’s are among the ones being painted.


Starting on 15th July, the original art will be auctioned by The Auction Collective and sold as limited edition prints by They Made This to generate funds for the creation and distribution of Happy Scrubs to care homes across the UK. The campaign will also be supported by social media activity, powered by Grey Social, and PR support from The Fourth Angel.

Happy Scrubs is the brainchild of Harry Wright, a young entrepreneur who started his career as a ballet dancer before making the bold decision to stop dancing and explore his passion through the OKO mentoring platform for young adults. Through OKO, he connected with his mentor and business partner Dave Evans, who helped Harry identify and realise his passion for being creative and helping people. Happy Scrubs’ emerged from Harry’s mentorship and combines his love for performing and design and brings joy to carers and patients alike.

With all the PPE produced for hospitals over the past year, care homes relying on donations of scrubs have missed out. Happy Scrubs wants to kit them out and say thank you to carers. The launch campaign aims to tap into the art world to get the Happy Scrubs name out there so more care homes receive the joyful scrubs.

Dave Evans, CEO at OKO & Co-founder and Director at Happy Scrubs, said: “Happy Scrubs came out of Harry and I building a relationship, and using the OKO programme to identify his strengths and ambition. Once understood, my job was to support Harry to navigate the world of business, curating and creating a product that is a simple innovation to the heart of carers who can often be undervalued and sometimes forgotten.”

“For me, Harry is testament to the opportunity that lies in directly injecting both knowledge and support to our young people, and all it took from me was some time, empathy and the network that I have built over the past 20 years. OKO exists to enable every working person and company to provide that instant and direct injection of support and knowledge to our young at a time where it has never been more needed.”

Sam Haynes and John Gibson, Creative Directors at Grey, said: “This project was born directly out of the product. Happy Scrubs exists to bring joy to care homes through their colourful designs. We wanted to do the same thing on a grander scale, working with some of the UK’s most-celebrated artists to create bespoke art inspired by Happy Scrubs, to help fund even more scrubs.”


Client: Happy Scrubs
Founders: Harry Wright, Dave Evans
Consultants: Amanda Groty, Eli Markham, Karl Phillips (OKO)

Creative Agency: Grey London
President & Chief Creative Officer: Laura Jordan-Bambach
Creative Directors: Sam Haynes and John Gibson
Agency Executive Producer: Maxine Hose
Agency Assistant Producer: Alicia Cordell
Account Director: Kate Armishaw
Account Executive: Clyde Hurst
Senior Designer: Sarah Burns, Stuart Leung
Senior Project Manager: Lisa O’Brien
Social Managing Partner: Olivia Clarkson
Social Account Director: Kassra Kay
PR Director: Stephen Martincic

Art Collective: They Made This
Founder: Aine Donovan

Art Collective: Wood Street Walls
Founder: Mark Clack

Media: JACK, part of the BUILDHOLLYWOOD family
Head of Marketing: Khaly Nguyen
Campaign manager: Kate Garvey

Auction house: The Auction Collective
Founder: Tom Best
Client Advisor and Auctioneer: Nick Yau

Contributing artists: (to date)
Benjamin Thomas Taylor
Morag Myerscough
Peter Judson
Margo in Margate
Caroline Dowsett
Ollie Fowler
Crispin Finn
Marcus Walters
Hattie Stewart
Estudio Pum
Steven Wilson

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