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Campaign Spotlight: Haters Gon’ Hate in Greenpeace’s futuristic urban utopia by UltraSuperNew Tokyo

TOKYO, JAPAN — Ahead of one of the most important summits of our time, COP26, Greenpeace has launched ‘Haters Gon’ Hate’, a campaign to drive change and educate people about the future of mobility in a zero-carbon society.

The pan-Asian campaign was created by UltraSuperNew Tokyo. “Haters Gon’ Hate” will run on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and aims to pile the pressure on car companies to phase out gasoline cars and go electric before 2030. With a satirical script laid over a cinematic live action film, the campaign gives us a glimpse of the future carbon-free mobility solutions, a green-filled urban utopia where everyone is happy.



Well, not everyone…

There are still haters because even the greatest of futures comes with its share of those. The haters in the film are some of the counted few that pine for the old days when gasoline, vast highways, and oversized SUVs still reigned supreme. Everything the haters miss is precisely what makes this vision of a carbon-free future worth fighting for the rest of us.

Daniel Read, Climate & Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace Japan comments: “The climate crisis is wreaking havoc in our lives as we’ve already seen this summer, and how we respond to it in different facets of our lives will have a massive impact on our future. We have the opportunity before us now to create a truly green transport future, making this vision of the future a reality. Some people will be negative no matter what we achieve, but we shouldn’t let this hold us back from moving on from ICE vehicles and creating a genuinely decarbonized future. Transport accounts for nearly 25% of the world’s energy GHG emissions, and we need to end new fossil fuel car sales by 2030. Greenpeace is pushing corporations and governments to transition to net-zero so that this vision of 2051 can be a reality.”

Francois Claverie, Creative Director, UltraSuperNew added: “Every bit of technological progress brings about the inveterate complainers, skeptics and down-right haters. Aversion to change and the fear of the unknown is somewhat engrained in all of us, but clearly, in some more than others. We set out to imagine what these people could possibly complain about in 30 years time, when transportation is carbon-free, and our cities become far greener and cleaner. Through this collection of ‘haters’, we hope to give the public a glimpse of the exciting carbon-free world that’s coming our way, if we do our part today.”

The campaign runs until October 31st.


Client – Greenpeace
Daniel Read – Climate & Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace Japan

Agency – UltraSuperNew
Tomo Murakami – Representative Director
François Claverie – Creative Director
Cesar Augusto – Creative Director
Itomi Jinshi – Creative Director
Yousuke Ozawa – Creative Director
Andrés Aguilar – Associate Creative Director, Copywriter
Oguzcan Kaganoguzbeyoglu – Associate Creative Director
Kelly Nguyen – Art Director, Styling
Nobuaki Nogamoto – Copywriter
Haruna Akashi – Junior Art Director, Music
Belle Sim – Content Producer
Hanna Brieven – Account Manager

Production Company – Boomachine Inc.
Director: Marc-Antoine Astier
Cinematographer: Christoph Gelep
Gaffer: Kengo Takahashi
Producer: Arnaud Sarniguet
3D Motion Designer: Guillaume Pinto

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