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Campaign Spotlight: Himalaya Vajomba gets people to swipe right on a Yeti

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Himalaya Vajomba, an extension of Himalaya Salt Sports Candy, supported Himalayeti in its efforts to get a Valentine this Valentine’s Day. This fluffy ball of energy is Himalaya Sports & Himalaya Vajomba’s brand ambassador, ready to take over the world as an up-and-coming influencer.

“Instead of pushing something tactical and adding to the Valentine’s Day clutter, we trust the creative team from Naga DDB Tribal and decided to take a slightly different approach,” said Andrew Lim, Head of Sales & Marketing, Nicko Jeep Manufacture.

Hajar Yusof, Head of Digital Experience at Naga DDB Tribal added: “We wanted to use this sweet occasion as an opportunity to reach a new pool of audience, but not just as a sponsored ad. So we thought to ourselves – what if our brand ambassador Himalayeti looks for a Valentine? Imagine swiping on Tinder and seeing a fluffy, white creature holding a bouquet of candy for you. I’d swipe right on that.”


And that was how Himalayeti went on Tinder, armed with some cheesy pick-up lines appropriate for the occasion, and even cheesier profile pics to win the hearts of Malaysians. The Yeti charm must have been potent, because in just 4 days, Himalayeti got 100 matches on Tinder and lots of pick-up lines in return. Naturally, Himalaya Vajomba took that chance to brag about it on social media, which in turn kick-started even more organic conversations online.

Like a true serial dater, Himalayeti took its smooth moves all the way to Instagram and slid into people’s dms. Among them who responded are influencers from the sports and lifestyle category such as Amira Ayob, Irfan Shamduddin, Sharifah Wawa, Amanda Imani, Ira Roslan, Daniel Cheang, and Marisa Soraya. We even got the attention of Malaysia’s own movie star, Erra Fazira.

Himalaya Vajomba gave out sweet bouquets to all of Himalayeti’s Valentines as a sweet ending to the campaign, creating even more traction and ending it with a total engagement of 29,471 people, an uplift of +41.7% in follower growth, and 141k of earned media reach. That’s pretty fluffin’ sweet.

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