SINGAPORE — HP launched the Reinvent Packaging campaign to demonstrate the #PowerOfPrint to inspire consumer packaged goods brands to create unique connections and engage with consumers through packaging.

“Brands and marketing managers need to understand the amazing capabilities and possibilities for digital packaging to create new ways to personalize, customize, and tailor experiences,” said Michael Boyle, General Manager, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Inc. Asia Pacific and Japan.

“There is so much more that brands can do to engage with consumers and HP is here to help to them on the journey to create magic and embrace the limitless possibilities of our digital packaging solutions.”

Personalization made easy with HP Digital Packaging

HP designed the campaign to create awareness among brands on the power and magic of packaging. Packaging should evoke emotion and create a moment of wonder when consumers engage with the brand. By creating unique experiences through packaging, brands will be able to reinvent how they engage with their customers with personalized and memorable experiences.

Real-time printing made easy with HP Digital Packaging

HP features a series of videos that demonstrate the power of print and how its digital packaging print technology enables brands to increase customer engagement, drive sales, improve supply chain flexibility, and secure their brand. With HP digital packaging capabilities, brands will be empowered to create experiences that are emotional and personalized illustrated through HP’s video storytelling.

Watch the ad here:

HP Reinvent Packaging Anthem I Reinvent Packaging I HP Digital Packaging

Customized storytelling: Through digital packaging, brands can capture the right audience’s attention at the right time with high-impact customized packaging. Brands will be able to:

  •  Drive engagement across multiple media and social channels with personalized campaigns.
  •  Execute omni-packaging campaigns reaching across labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, and corrugated boxes, by printing digitally on a wide range of substrates.
  • Strategically produce packaging tailored to key retailers to boost availability and sales

Real-time marketing: Brands will be empowered to react quickly to market conditions and embrace change fast with digitally printed packaging. Brands will be able to:

  • Take delivery of packaging with compressed lead times powered by an end-to-end digital workflow.
  • Respond to trends and seasonal opportunities, to show the company’s heart and make the most of competitive opportunities, with just-in-time production.
  • Stay relevant and allow brands to celebrate what happens in social media.

Brand protection: Brands can safeguard their brand with packaging that integrates covert and overt printed elements and high-quality printing with unique colors and type size. Brands will be able to:

  • Block counterfeiters with ultra-fine details and covert or distinctive graphical elements, such as digital watermarks, created with specialty inks and unique substrates.
  • Use HP Link Reader to drive interactivity while enabling inventory tracking and tracing per sku.
  • Address security needs at the press and maintain global brand consistency with high image quality and precisely matched colors.

Maximized efficiencies: Brands will gain new value, reduce costs and inventory with HP digital packaging solutions. Brands will be able to significantly:

  • Reduce or eliminate inventory, saving storage costs and gaining a flexible supply chain.
  •  Save the time and costs of plate storage and production with a digital printing process that requires no plates.
  • Eliminate lengthy texts from multiple languages in the back panel to maximize storytelling.

To learn more visit Reinvent Packaging.