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Campaign Spotlight: HSBC Futureverse generates nearly six million possible financial futures

SINGAPORE — If the last two years have taught us anything it is that the future is unpredictable. In line with this, financial services company HSBC has announced the launch of its new experience that allows people in Singapore to view almost 6 million possible visions of their financial future. Not using this technology in an attempt to predict what might happen, but rather to look at all the amazing opportunities that have been created amid uncertainty.

Created in partnership with Wunderman Thompson, PHD, Meta, and, the HSBC Futureverse is a film experience and technology engine that can generate almost 6 million possible futures, a first for the banking industry in Singapore. The experience takes place on Facebook Messenger, delivering a unique and different film experience to every single person who watches it on the platform.

Of these 6 million futures, who knows how many we’ll get right? Which really begs the question: What are the odds of anyone accurately predicting the future?


HSBC believes the path to a sustainable future is not about predicting the future, but about embracing the uncertainty of it.

The financial decisions driven by emotions are often where mistakes are made, and by generating acceptance and awareness of the ups and downs the future will hold, Singapore-based customers can adopt a mindset that will help them embrace uncertainty and focus on building sustainable wealth for the future.

Together with the HSBC Futureverse Experience, HSBC Singapore is also launching an integrated marketing campaign across cinema, out-of-home, digital, and social channels to create excitement around this mindset of embracing uncertainty.

Interact with the HSBC Futureverse Chatbot here.

Client: HSBC Singapore
Agency: Wunderman Thompson Singapore
Media: PHD
Technology Partners:

Partner with adobo Magazine

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