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Campaign Spotlight: La Redoute and FRED & FARID Paris portray sibling leaving in a moving short film

PARIS, FRANCE – When siblings leave the family home, it’s literally the end of an era: while parents contemplate the end of family life as they’d known it, the ones left behind experience their own upheaval. Family relationships shift with roles altering and pecking orders changing. The children who were the youngest become the eldest and have a chance to grow and to expand into the space left, to have their own room.

La Redoute – Deux Frères | FRED & FARID Paris


FRED & FARID Paris brings this universal emotional shake-up to the screen in the short film “Two Brothers” imagined for the French e-Retail La Redoute. The campaign also highlights the important role of the family nest in these very special times: the bonds within the siblings that are built and maintained sometimes even in spite of the parents, the Love that is as great even when distance separates us…

Following on from its insightful portrayal of the daily life of a stepfamily with the short-film “Lou” , this new brand film, directed by the French director and actor Géraldine Nakache, explores again the intimate bonds of the family – in line with the strategic platform developed and successfully activated by FRED & FARID Paris, the focus is on La Redoute’s role in the family’ lives supporting them at every stage since 180 years.


Agency: FRED & FARID Paris
Client: La Redoute
Title of ad: Two Brothers
Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
Brand Supervisors: Amélie Poisson, Marie Guillemot, Maylis Lasagesse, Mélanie Dufour
Agency Supervisors: Séverine Autret (managing director), Leslie Hatchwell
President / Executive Creative Director: Olivier Lefebvre
Art Director: Yann Rougeron
Copywriter: Yann Rougeron
Social Media Lead: Anthony Bober
Agency Producers: Agathe Michaux Terrier, Maud Whittle
Production Company: Quad Stories
Producer: Seydi Bayrak
Director: Géraldine Nakache
Cinematographer: George Lechaptois
Line Producer : Camille Lipmann
Production coordinator : Nabia Amraoui
Post-Production: Fix studio
Post Producer: Claire Prud’homme
Editor : Dorian Rigal-Ansous
Color Grader : Frédéric Poteau
Graphist : Thomas Canu
Music Production: Massive Music Amsterdam
Music Supervisor: Pierre Carnet
Music: chien noir / “Histoire Vraie”
Sound Post-Production: Benzene
Sound Post-Producer: Benjamin Desplanques
Place of shoot: France

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