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Campaign Spotlight: La SPA and Havas Play encourage cat adoption with video game activation on ‘Stray’

PARIS, FRANCE — As it is every summer, many cats are abandoned in France. In order to raise awareness about animal adoption amongst French people, especially the younger generations, the animal protection association French Society for the Protection of Animals (La SPA) and its partner agency Havas Play are launching a new campaign that models real cats from their shelters directly in the video game Stray.

Havas Play and La SPA had the idea to incorporate five real rescued cats directly in Stray, an interactive video game. In this game, the player takes the form of a small cat wandering in the deserted streets of a forgotten city, making it a real phenomenon and one of the top-selling and best-rated games.

Instead of playing the main character, La SPA offers the possibility to all players to put themselves in the paws of one of 5 cats currently waiting in their shelters, looking for a home. It’s a way to put them in the spotlight and encourage their quick adoption, but also to draw attention to all the other cats still waiting for a better life.

Everything has been done to replicate identically Pastelle, Doc, P’tite Crevette, Zoya, and Câline (the 5 cats selected by La SPA), from paws to mustache.

Designed by a specialized developer, these models represent the great diversity of cats available for adoption in the different SPA shelters.

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