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Campaign Spotlight: Levi’s captures joy in miniscule moments in new holiday campaign made by Harrison Communications

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — How can a simple three-letter word change one’s life forever? How can a familiar fabric can give one comfort, and how a simple arrow can give full support to someone who needs it?

Developed by Harrison Communications for Levi’s, ‘A few seconds of Joy’ reminds audiences on what they’ve been missing out on in the past pandemic Holidays – the joy, comfort and love that one sees in the faces of people the moment they open their gifts.

Instead of the usual 30s or 15s materials, the brand decided to focus on creating a series of short videos that will capture the best part of the holidays. Levi’s delved into the core of the idea ‘A few seconds of joy’ — those first few moments when someone opens and reacts to their gift on Christmas, because even if they only last a few seconds, they are absolutely worth it. This is what the brand wanted Filipinos to remember and emulate for this Holiday.


And only truly personal gifts from Levi’s are what can bring out genuine reactions from the people we care for. Because it’s in these few seconds of joy are what makes any gift worth it. This holiday, the brand intends to make Filipinos give someone else a reason to laugh, scream, or even cry, with Levi’s as a gift.

Kat Costas, Marketing Manager of Levi’s Philippines says, “We just wanted to bring back the joy that was missing in the past pandemic holidays. And this material really did its job. We didn’t think it was possible to tell a full story in just 10 seconds or less, but here we are. And we are very proud of it.”

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