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Campaign Spotlight: Lime Bottle raises as a new Corona beer icon

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — The lime ritual is one of the most important characteristics of Corona beer. However, when it comes to enjoying it, sometimes it is forgotten.



True to its simple and authentic spirit, Corona modifies its bottles for the first time in history, with a laser engraving that has the shape of a lemon, located on the neck of it, so that nobody will forget how a Corona should be enjoyed: “Always with a Lime”.
The creativity was overseeing by the Paraguayan agency Oniria \ TBWA, led by Daniel Achaval and Camilo Guanes.

“Lime Bottle creates a new icon for the brand, which reminds all consumers in a very simple way that a Corona and a lemon always go together”, said Paula Pekholtz, Brand Manager of Corona in Paraguay. Guillermo Martínez, BU Andina’s Marketing Director, added: “The brand has rarely intervened in the primary pack, but do it with the ritual was something as organic and natural as the brand is, that it made sense to do so”.

“Corona has an idea and creativity development process at a global level, starting from open briefs related to the brand’s strategic fundamentals. On this occasion, the team from Paraguay brought a simple but powerful idea to remind all consumers that a Corona is much better enjoyed when accompanied by a lemon”, expressed Miguel Merino, Global Communications Director of Corona at AB InBev.


He added: “The lime ritual is one of the fundamental elements of Corona’s identity. This idea is a great way to show that we can be true and consistent to the principles and universe of the brand and find disruptive ways to put the product at the center of the idea. That is why we hope that this pilot in Paraguay will have great results to allow us replicate this idea in other markets and turn it into a global initiative”.

The bottle engraving process was carried out under rigorous processes that keep the quality of the product intact. In addition, the initiative includes a graphic campaign for different media and a strong co-branding action with the renowned Paraguayan clothing brand Albertina, who is responsible for developing garments for men and women with designs that reinforce the concept of ‘Always with a lime’.


Client: Corona – Cervepar Paraguay
Client Responsables: Paula Pekholtz y Hanna Park
Title: Lime Bottle
CCO: Camilo Guanes
CEO: Daniel Achaval
Creative Directors: Paloma Cella, Manuel Rolon, Marcelo Rodriguez
Creative Team: Yeru Mareco + Seba Codas.
Art Director: Nathalie Pera, Santiago Valdez
Account Director: Yamile Miserlian
Account Executive: Inge Muller
Production Director: Pauli Jara
Editor/Post: Barraco Film / Mario Amarilla
Photo: Barraco Film/ Seba Sorera

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