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Campaign Spotlight: “Make Time” Campaign by BBH Singapore with Sentosa Development Corporation Emphasizes the Value of Leisure Time for Singapore Residents

Some 57 per cent of Singapore residents want to take a break from their daily routines, but when they eventually do, they feel the time spent on such breaks could have been
used for something more productive, according to a recent survey commissioned by Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) to better understand locals’ views and attitudes towards leisure time.



600 Singapore citizens and permanent residents took part in the survey, conducted by research house Asia Insights in April 2019. While half of all survey participants feel stuck in a daily routine they are unable to get out of, the survey also similarly found that half the respondents were stressed by the thought of just doing nothing, with three in 10 reporting that they did not know how to relax. In addition, 74 per cent wished they could spend more time with their families and loved ones.

Making Time for a change

The survey findings have prompted the launch of SDC’s campaign – Make Time – which takes a stand on the importance of making time, for oneself and loved ones. Taking centrestage is a film depicting a typical Singaporean family carrying their chores and burdens in their daily lives and how that weighs them down. The film highlights the balance that needs to be found between life and work, and aims to spark open conversations and encourage Singaporeans to be deliberate in making time for leisure and loved ones.

With Sentosa being home to a diverse array of unique leisure experiences, the campaign will also tap on the island’s position as a great place for short breaks and a “getaway” destination, offering guests customised itineraries and useful tips through the campaign microsite and other platforms, to encourage guests to Make Time for what matters.

The launch of Make Time also featured a roundtable discussion to further the conversation on the benefits of taking breaks, with panelists including Dr Sin Harng Luh, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography at the National University of Singapore (NUS); Dr Daniel Fung, Chairman Medical Board at the Institute of Mental Health; Dr Tan Ern Ser, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology at NUS, as well as Ms Lynette Ang, Chief Marketing Officer of SDC.

During the roundtable, the panelists highlighted the value of breaks. Remarked Dr. Sin Harng Luh, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, NUS: “When you ask someone “how are you?” in Singapore, you’re most likely going to get a busy with this and that answer. Many Singaporean families have packed schedules, even on weekends, vacations and school holidays. Work, chores, tuition and other activities line our schedules and give us little time to relax, do nothing in particular and to just be. It also takes away the spontaneity in our family lives. However, what’s important is for families to commit to time to simply be together – this does not need to be filled with special activities or Instagram-worthy experiences. It is the small things we do together, like taking a break to spend time with each other, that builds strong relationships.”

Echoing her sentiments, NUS Sociologist Tan Ern Ser shared that societal and culture perceptions of what it takes to be productive at work may paradoxically be counter-productive both in our work roles and non-work lives: “My sense is that many of us are inclined to believe that if our foot is always on the pedal, leaving no time for other equally important things in lives, we would be more productive and appreciated at work, while our loved ones would be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor, even if we are mostly absent in their lives. Taking a break therefore becomes something residual, and low on our list of priorities. But, paradoxically, when we set aside ‘rest time’, we would not only become
more productive, both in terms of quality and quantity, at work; but also be able to enjoy family time and me-time. In short, rest well, treat yourself kindly, bond with your family, and stay productive. Let’s break away from perpetuating a cultural norm which treats taking a break as residual and a waste of time.”

Added Dr Daniel Fung, Professor, Institute of Mental Health: “In this fast paced world where everyone is trying to achieve more, and yet maintain good mental health, one of the most important principles is one of accelerating development by slowing down. This a process of making time, taking stock and thinking through something before moving.”

“Indeed, from the research, it is clear that Singaporeans yearn to break free from their stressful routines and spend quality time with their loved ones. Yet, it is important to note that such breaks need not require long hiatuses from our jobs. Sentosa is the perfect place for Singaporeans to visit to hit the pause button. With a plethora of unique experiences, the island is a perfect place for everyone to make time, for the all important break, for oneself or with loved ones. Stroll along the shoreline at our golden beaches, enjoy a meal at more than 100 dining outlets, or seek out the thrills at the many themed attractions. We have to make time for what truly matters. It’s time to pause and ask ourselves, what will we make time for?” said Ms Lynette Ang, Chief Marketing Officer, SDC.

As part of the Make Time campaign, SDC has also unveiled a 30-metre-long swing at Palawan Beach, where guests can take a break and spend quiet time as they face the sea, or soak in the sun and fun with their loved ones. More initiatives under the Make Time campaign will be rolled out over the course of the year.

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