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Campaign Spotlight: McCann Lima and Inca Kola invite everyone to sit at the table

LIMA, PERU – A celebration of the fusion and mixing of Peru, inviting diverse people to sit at the table. That is the spirit of McCann Lima‘s latest work for Inca Kola, the authentic drink of the Peruvian people that in this way values the diversity and creativity of each person. Thus, it offers to combine the new generations in a better way, in addition to the several attitudes and thoughts that are expressed and lived in these times.

Since its beginning, the brand has accompanied daily, varied and unique moments at the Peruvian table, combining it with an incredible gastronomic variety. This way, the campaign “The table is set. Join us” encourages mixing not only all kinds of dishes, but also creeds, races, personalities, thoughts, genders and nationalities. Because the combination precisely enriches, differentiates and enhances creativity, the brand invites and inspires to combine, to feel free, to be invited and truly accepted to share, dialogue and respect the variety and continue exchanging special and different moments.


In this regard, Christian Caldwell, CCO of McCann Lima, expressed that “we are very proud to have worked on this new initiative of Inca Kola, in a 2021 called by the local government as the ‘Year of the Bicentennial of Peru: 200 years of Independence’, since this proposal builds from values that come to break certain chains that today imprison our society. By this way, Inca Kola makes it clear that it has a meaningful purpose that goes beyond commercial matters “.

Emilia Villamarín, Marketing Manager of Inca Kola for Peru and Ecuador, stated that “a point of view from the cultural relevance exalts Inca Kola as a symbol of Peru, it is an invitation to feel more Peruvian than ever, more united and stronger, because all that diversity is what makes them unique. It is time to take this icon of Peru to the top, to its people, its traditions, its modernity from how we see ourselves and tell the world that we are here to move forward.”


Advertiser: Coca-Cola Company
Brand: Inca Kola
Brand Leader: Luis Felipe Cisneros
Marketing Manager: Emilia Villamarin
Creative Agency: McCann Lima
Chief Creative Officer: Christian Caldwell
Creative Director: Hugo Eléspuru
Senior Creative: Christian Merino
Senior Art Director: Keni Mezarina
Account Director: Eleni Polizogopolus / Catalina Forero
Planning Director: Laura Zafferson
Planner: Carlos José Romero
Account Executive: Genesis Cangalaya
Agency production: Nerea Marmolejo
Filmmaker: Sangre
Executive Producer: Antonio Sarria
Director: Miky de la Barra
Audio: Zumba

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