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Campaign Spotlight: Rosapark pits man against otter for online organic retailer Greenweez

PARIS, FRANCE – Food consumption is seen as one of the main culprits for the ills of today’s society: global warming, economic inequality, financial crises… There is the impression that the only solution is a radical one, that the only way out is to put an end to this system to finally save the planet. So what if there was a way to consume that could be considered virtuous?

That’s what French organic retailer Greenweez believes. Created in 2008 by Romain Roy, Greenweez is the French leader in online sales of organic and eco-responsible products in France and Europe.


With a simple and direct discourse, Roy’s start-up seeks to make organic products accessible to everyone, and to guide consumers towards a more responsible approach. Consuming healthier and more responsible products, changing consumption habits, favoring raw products and other solutions are proposed at Greenweez, through their offer as well as through instuctive content available to clients.

These commitments are supported by a brand campaign signed by their new agency Rosapark. Through the film, which tackles eco-responsibility with humor, our protagonist caricatures those who are always ready to give lessons, those who talk more than they act… Whereas with Greenweez, it’s never been so easy to consume better.

Man vs Otter features forest animals in their natural habitat, using archive footage so as not to disturb them, and stars French comedian Nicolas Méryeux, a committed environmentalist, known for his Youtube channel and his TV shorts, Habitons demain (Live Tomorrow).

“Weeks of research were necessary for the documentary filmmakers to find scenes and reactions perfectly adapted to the comedy. We pushed the location scouting to the extreme so that the montage, composed of archival and filmed images, would be as credible as possible and give the impression that all the scenes were shot in the same place.” Gilles Fichteberg, Rosapark co-founder and ECD.

Shot by Tony Vernagallo, a young director with a quirky sense of humor that veers between commercials and TV shows, the campaign launches April 5, 2021 on TV and will be followed by a digital campaign in the form of a web-series starting April 12.


Brand: Greenweez
Director General and Founder : Romain Roy
Marketing and Communication Director : Camille Cordonnier
Communication Manager : Gauthier de Tessières

Creative Agency : Rosapark
Confunders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg et Jean-François Sacco ECDs : Gilles Fichteberg et Jean-François Sacco
Copywriters : William Verdel
Copywriters : Sebastien Mertens
Account Director : Lola Abourmad
Account Managers : François-Xavier de Sousa et Margot Rassak
Head of Production : Elodie Jonquille
TV production : Jean-François Wang et Jeanne Panzani

Production : Partizan
Director : Tony Vernagallo
Producer : Karine Takooree
Director of Photography : Pierre Cottereau Production Director : Sébastien Bouloc Production Assistant : Yann Hurpy
Post Production : Royal Post
Post Producer : Emma Poussard Editing : Térence Nury
Calibrator : Sébastien Mingam
Sound Studio : Schmooze

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