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Campaign Spotlight: McDonald’s Sweden replaces all balloons with AR balloons in effort to reduce single-use plastics and waste

SWEDEN–McDonald’s Sweden and NORD DDB are replacing all balloons with digital balloons in an AR game. The game was released last week and is accessible to anyone enjoying a meal at McDonald’s Sweden, whether it is from a restaurant or from home.

Through the years, balloons have become a symbol for McDonald’s role as the go-to restaurant chain for families. And while balloons are colorful and fun, the popped balloons can end up littering the environment when the fun ends.

As part of their efforts to reduce single-use plastics and waste created by visiting the restaurants, McDonald’s Sweden and agency NORD DDB now replace the balloons in all restaurants across Sweden. The latex balloons will be replaced with digital ones in an AR game – and will never again end up in nature.


“To some, it might seem sad that we are getting rid of our beloved balloons, but it is an important step on our journey towards reducing single-use plastics and waste. By replacing our balloons with a digital AR game, we are giving more people the opportunity to have even more fun since the game can be played from anywhere. While at the same time doing something important for our planet,” says Staffan Ekstam, Director of Marketing at McDonald’s Sweden.

From the beginning of September, guests can play and enjoy more balloon fun than ever in the game available in McDonald’s app, where the challenge is to pop as many balloons as possible in a limited time. Apart from not becoming litter, this next generation of balloon experience lasts a lot longer and is more adapted to pandemic times, as guests ordering delivery can join in on the fun from home.


Lead agency: NORD DDB
PR agency: Prime
Media agency: OMD
Film production: Bleck
Director: Stylewar
Digital production: DVA Studio

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