Copenhagen, Denmark – Battling anxiety and depression can be a terribly lonely experience, and even more so when everyone is isolated in their homes. In a new spot, Mental Health Foundation Denmark and Lykke May Andersen promote free and anonymous help for those battling inner demons. Lykke May Andersen stars in the film that she has created with director Ada Bligaard Søby and the production company Bacon.

Campaign Spotlight: "Inner Demons" Mental Health Foundation Denmark


“The film is an indication of how an inner dialogue can sound when suffering from anxiety and depression. I myself have experience with both and didn’t even realize what I was up against until I experienced psychosomatic symptoms and some very inappropriate internal dialogues. I hope the film can help encourage people who are experiencing depression and anxiety to seek help,” says Lykke May Andersen who is currently studying psychotherapy at the Psychotherapeutic Institute in Copenhagen.

The purpose of the film is to create awareness of Mental Health Foundation Denmark’s offer of free anonymous help via phone, email and chat. More people than usual have contacted the foundation over the last couple of weeks, and the opening hours of the counselling have been extended to help who are struggling the most during a time of heightened anxiety throughout society.

“Lykke May Andersen and director Ada Bligaard Søby show how it can feel to battle your inner voices. We have probably all been our own worst critic at time and for some people that turns into a constant feeling of being inadequate. Luckily, if you tell someone about these feelings, most people will react with the openness and understanding necessary to give you strength and perhaps seek professional help, if that is what you need,” says director of the Mental Health Foundation Denmark, Marianne Skjold.

The Mental Health Foundation Denmark’s 75 volunteers all have professional backgrounds in mental health or vulnerability counselling, and they have all had special training before they answer calls, mails or chat.

Idea and Copywriters: Lykke May Andersen & Ada Bligaard Søby
Director: Ada Bligaard Søby
Cast: Lykke May Andersen
Exec. Producer: Mette Jermiin
Producers: Ditte Glass & Laura Valentiner-Bohse
Runner: Selma Munksgaard
DOP: David Bauer
B-photo: Franz Borde
Gaffer: Morten Kildegaard
Scenography: Mille Marie Jesen
Soun Engineer: Matias Brogård
Stylist: Melanie Buchhave
Make-up artist: Louise Bruun
Location Manager: Samuel Cantor
Editor: Nikolaj Dahl
Colour grade: Hannibal Lang
Sound design: Adrian Aurelius
Post production: BaconX
Production Company: Bacon

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