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Insight: A Sneak Peek Into the Daily Grind of Ace Saatchi & Saatchi in the Time of #WFH and Corona

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Churning amazing work in the time of Corona? The leaders of Ace Saatchi & Saatchi have generously offered us an inside look to the workings of an agency trying to maintain their sanity and creativity while stuck at home. Mio Chongson, President & COO and Greg Martin, Executive Creative Director have collaborated on a quick piece sharing how their team is navigating the work from home set-up with pitches, meetings, mental health check-ins, and inside jokes to match.

Read their full write-up below:



We’ve been on a lockdown for almost 2 weeks, and these past 2 weeks have been tiring but productive. One of our concerns was the process for a prolonged quarantine, so in preparation for the lockdown, we had set-up work protocols to approximate the strong processes we have at Saatchi House. The other concern was the mental health of everyone, so our team leaders made sure that a support system is in place. They have daily zoom meetings — in the morning and before the day ends, not just for the work, but to keep in touch with each other, and get a sense of normalcy we used to enjoy in the past.

Our brainstorming talk points have shifted towards more critical perspectives — asking ourselves how our communications can provide more relevance in these times. Hats off to our people for churning out fantastic work during this quarantine period — really proud of them, considering the uncertainty, fear and generally the madness that surround our homes.

On a lighter note, here are some of Ace Saatchi’s WFH challenges/ quotes from our guys:

1. Labada challenge — when “labada” gets literal.

To our Creative Services Manager “Wait lang Ms.V. marami pa akong labada” – a Creative Director

2. Tanghali Challenge: To aircon or not to aircon.

Missing the office right about now.

3. To shower or not to shower before zoom challenge

Who’s bathed? Who can tell? Who cares?

4. Furry workmate challenge

During a client pitch presentation, dogs barged into our CSD’s room. While holding off dogs, she accidentally placed the computer in front of a fan that caused clonking audio background while she was doing the closing remarks for the presentation.

5. Where is that thing I left in the office challenge

That particular pen you like that you swore you brought home.

6. What will I cook for lunch challenge.

What you’re really thinking about when you’re doing a con-call

7. Time warp challenge

When you think it’s around 5pm but it’s already 9pm.

8. The message tsunami challenge

Time to pick what’s urgent, important, or neither.

9. I miss wearing heels challenge

Or dressing up for that matter.

10. Workstation challenge

Finding the best spot for work and uninterrupted zoom meetings.


This article is part of a series by adobo magazine exploring the different ways the local creative industry is continuing to produce content and service clients during the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine implemented to avoid the outbreak of COVID-19.

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