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Campaign Spotlight | Mexico : McCann Worldgroup México and Chevrolet break fear to run out of power in an electric car

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – One of the biggest barriers to buying this type of vehicle is the idea that there are not enough charging points, but a graphic campaign ends this myth.

More than two billion plugs. That is the number of connectors that Mexico City has and the number of options that the new Chevrolet Bolt EV has to be loaded at any point in that capital.

That is one of the data that highlights the “Cities” campaign, created by the Commonwealth division of McCann Worldgroup Mexico, which aimed to break the fear that some consumers have of running out of battery in the middle of a metropolis.


In this way, the initiative focuses on transmitting a well-told truth about the versatility of the product, which has many more supply sources than a traditional car. “Compare the number of outlets in a city with the number of gas stations is graphic and forceful,” said Luis “Tim” González, Creative Vice President of the agency.

He added that “we knew that the craft of the pieces had to be at its highest level and to achieve this we worked with our colleagues from McCann London to bring the piece together where the idea deserved it in terms of art direction. It was a long process, almost handmade. We needed to make an approximate but serious calculation of the number of connectors and to be able to map this information while preserving aesthetic values, it was a great challenge that we overcome successfully.”

The efforts considered the use of satellite maps and Google technology to collate and identify all the real gas stations in each city and thus expose the real benefit of using an electric car in places as dissimilar as Manhattan or Dubai.

On his part, the CEO of General Motors Mexico, Francisco Garza, recently expressed at a company event that “our past has been generous, our present is very good and our future will be even better. It is based on the vision established by Mary Barra, our Chairman and CEO: We see a world with ZERO emissions, ZERO accidents and ZERO congestion.”


Agency: Commonwealth McCann México y McCann Londres.

Brand: Chevrolet

Product: BOLT EV

VP Creative: Luis “Tim” González.

Business Lead: Mariana de Pina.

Head of Art: Arturo Velazquez. 

Associate Creative Director: Evert Santiago.

Illustration: John Martin.

Head of Studio: Ellis Faint.

Studio Manager: Robbie Maynard.

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