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Campaign Spotlight | India : Dentsu India partners with Jos Alukkas to question the status quo for women in India

KOCHI, INDIA – Dentsu India, the creative agency from the house of dentsu international, has launched a powerful film with its long-standing partner and one of South India’s biggest Jewellery brand, Jos Alukkas. The film stands as a shining light to all the women.

Jos Alukkas has always been a brand that echoed the voice of the Indian middle class. Its monumental decision to speak out on women’s freedom aims to drive real conversations among people. Consequently, it intends to spark a change in the long-term repressive mentality against women across the country.

The film through its multiple protagonists from all walks of life demonstrates the various hurdles faced by women. They are the ones who are taught to be silent, naïve, and even afraid. Their opinions go unheard and voices are usually stifled. Their freedom is the benevolence of others. Women face countless challenges in everyday life, simply to have the basic freedom that the opposite gender gets so easily. In each of their struggles, there lies a deeper story of the same hurdles that generations of women had to bear.


From body shaming, to ‘not safe’ times, to stifle voices and prejudices, the film smashes through all barriers for women. It gives out the message that the world is theirs for the taking and it always opens doors for a brave heart. The film features the well-known South Indian actress and the brand ambassador, Trisha. The ‘shine’ of the jewels is metaphorically compared to the shine of the women who face numerous obstacles on a daily basis. Just as the gold never loses its shine even after it has gone through fire, the same is for women and the challenges they face. These tough women have been an inspiration for the brand and through this film, it pays homage to them.

Jos Alukkas – Shine on, girl.  

Speaking on the film, John Alukka, Managing Director, Jos Alukkas said, “We hope that we can inspire real change with this film. Of course, it’s about starting a conversation, because silence can never bring about change.”

“The attempt was to tell a story every girl out there would relate to. At the same time, while we were making the film we ensured that it had certain cinematic values to it. The feedback we’ve been receiving is great. I believe, we’ve achieved what we wanted to,” added Anjo Jose, Creative Head, Dentsu India.

“To me, ‘Shine on’ is not just a campaign. It is a movement that reverberates the ideology of what the brand stands for. It is a powerful way that puts the spotlight on the subdued, yet strong women in society that’s sure to start the warranted momentum,” opined Vidya Sankar, Vice President, Dentsu India.


Dentsu India, Kochi
Vice President: Vidya Sankar
Associate Creative Director: Anjo Jose
Copywriter: Vishnu C S

Director: Arun Joseph Francis
Production: Film Dojo

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