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Campaign Spotlight: Mia by Tanishq announces the launch of its new campaign ‘#ShareTheShine’ to celebrate and inspire Indian women athletes at the Tokyo Olympics 2021

BHOPAL, INDIA — In a move to encourage and support women at the Olympics, Mia by Tanishq, one of India’s most fashionable jewellery brands, has chosen to partner with the pride of the nation, Ms. Manika Batra, Ms. Deepika Kumari, Ms. Pooja Rani, Ms Navjot Kaur and Ms Rani Rampal at the Olympics, Tokyo 2021.

To engage and inspire the women of today, Mia by Tanishq presents its latest campaign, ‘#ShareTheShine’ which celebrates the unique personalities of these Indian Olympic acers who embody the strength and determination to succeed. With reference to the athletes, the story most commonly told is of their grit, perseverance, sweat, and struggle. However, Mia is all about self-expression and there is an inherent desire to discover the lesser-known side of themselves, to understand what truly delights them what makes them tick. These lesser told stories make them the person they are and complete them. The campaign brings these aspects to life and urges women to share their shine with India. 

Through this industry-first association, the women athletes will be seen adorning their personal favourites that include contemporary necklaces and captivating earrings from Mia by Tanishq’s signature collections at the Olympics. These exclusive designs truly symbolize their innate style and celebrate their spirit of sheer resilience. As a part of the association, Mia has filmed short videos which will help the viewers get a quick sneak peek into athletes’ lives through a candid rapid-fire hosted by various established hosts.

The brand symbolizes the modern Indian woman achiever, who is fiercely independent, liberated, unapologetic about her choices, exuberates confidence, is a go-getter, and whose aura lights up everyone’s lives. Each of these athletes is a true Mia woman who has a unique sense of style, which is not just powerful but is also a true reflection of their indomitable spirit. 

Speaking about the association, Ms. Shyamala Ramanan, Business Head, Mia by Tanishq, said, “Our association is a matter of great pride where our top athletes are representing India on the world map and are elevating Mia by Tanishq on a global platform as highly recognized as the Olympics. Mia by Tanishq has always been positioned towards the young working women and these girls are the youth icons besides being career women too. All the women athletes are trailblazers in their own respective fields and each one of them is independent, dreamers, achievers and are self-expressive – they espouse everything that a Mia woman is. Through their achievements, they demonstrate to the youth of today that we are only limited by our own vision and this is exactly what Mia also believes in.  The association has brought in perfect synergy as Mia by Tanishq is a brand for the contemporary Indian woman who believes in realizing her dreams and that she is limited only by her own vision – exactly what our athletes believe in. Mia by Tanishq stands for supporting all the women athletes and celebrate their individuality, spirit, and perseverance as the entire nation sends them warm wishes. ”

In an endeavor to boost the morale of our women athletes at the Olympics, Mia by Tanishq would urge all Indians to cheer for them and help share their shine with other women and help them pursue their dreams envisioned by them.

Ms. Manika Batra will be seen wearing the ‘M’ shaped gold pendant from ‘The Initial edit’ collection, earrings from the newly launched ‘Kiss of Spring’ collection, and a statement piece from ‘Smolitaires Necklaces’ 

Ms. Deepika Kumari will be seen wearing the ‘D’ shaped gold pendant from ‘The Initial edit’ collection, earrings from newly the premium ‘Lyana’ collection

Ms. Pooja Rani will be seen wearing the studded pendant from the ‘Lyana’ collection, earrings from the newly launched ‘Kiss of Spring’ collection.

Ms. Rani Rampal will be seen wearing the ‘R’ shaped gold pendant from ‘The Initial edit’ collection, earrings from the ‘Lyana’ collection.

Ms. Navjot Kaur will be seen wearing the ‘N’ shaped gold pendant from ‘The Initial edit’ collection, earrings from the ‘Lyana’ collection. 

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