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Campaign Spotlight: Miami-Dade County and Plus305 launch an evocative PSA to warn locals about heat-related dangers

MIAMI, USA — Now that it’s summer in Miami, heat-related dangers are posing more of a threat to locals, especially those with limited resources, have jobs that require them to be outside, and who live in neighborhoods with little tree cover. So, to help raise awareness for this issue, Miami-Dade County turned to plus305, an advertising agency that focuses on sustainability and purpose branding.

So, plus305 created a public service announcement that did not only get the message across but was also engaging and unique. The PSA film showed clips and videos of Miami locals in the heat as a voiceover of Miami Slam Poetry artist Sharonda Richardson aka Eccentrich reciting a piece with the vital message: sometimes, it’s brighter to be in the shade.


“Slam poetry came to mind because it connects the audience directly to culture, with a rhythm – like in a music video, creating an emotional connection. For the images, we scoured the streets and filmed to align visuals with feelings, evoking the target like a piece of art. The poet sets the tempo while reciting the words, with accompanying music emphasizing the crescendo towards the end. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of being affected by heat-related illnesses, so we put them in the spotlight,” said Creative Director Alberto Jaen.

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