Campaign Spotlight: MoneyOwl wises up with 
new brand campaign from agency e


SINGAPORE – MoneyOwl, Singapore’s first bionic financial advisor, has launched a straight-talking brand campaign featuring folksy financial wisdom for the
man in the street.

Established in 2019, MoneyOwl is a joint venture between NTUC Enterprise Co-operative and wealth advisory firm, Providend, with a social mission to help working families achieve financial security. Thanks to its unique ‘bionic platform’ integrating technology with human advisory, MoneyOwl makes financial planning accessible to the masses with lower fees.

“Anyone can invest. But not everyone invests wisely,” explains Chuin Ting Weber, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of MoneyOwl. “Successful investing isn’t timing the market or jumping on the hottest stock. It’s about getting the right advice so your money grows gradually over time to meet your financial goals and retirement needs.”

“Our campaign is designed to connect with various target groups, from first-jobbers to novice investors to pre-retirees,” continues Weber. “We want to speak, matter-of-factly,
to them and offer practical solutions, such as planning for their financial future and getting started from as little as $50 a month.”

The Power of Compound Interest

Pay Yourself First Before Paying Others

You Can't Be Old Without Money

“Most people think financial planning is the preserve of the rich,” adds Eugene Cheong, Founder and Creative Director of independent agency, e. “MoneyOwl aims to make financial wisdom accessible to all Singaporeans, so no-one gets left behind.” 

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“The campaign is plain-speaking, truth-telling and thought-provoking as it seeks to rouse Singaporeans from the inertia of financial fatalism and nudge them into financial planning.
If your goal is to retire well, you have to start with a plan.” continues Cheong. “As we all know, the hardest thing for a human being to do is to get started.”

The MoneyOwl campaign, consisting of a series of brands ads and attention-grabbing videos, breaks this week across out-of-home and digital channels.


Client: MoneyOwl
Marketing Team: Rachel Huang, Bunnarith Lo, Cherie Tan
Agency: e
Creative Director: Eugene Cheong
Video Production: Ric Tang / Tangography
Photography: Ric Tang / Tangography
Media: InstaMedia Labs

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