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Campaign Spotlight: Ncell tells a moving story about a grandmother and her grandson

KATHMANDU, NEPAL — In Nepal, Dashain is not just a cultural occasion but it is also a time of year when the whole family comes together to celebrate and enjoy their quality family times. Many people who are working out of station particularly in larger cities like Kathmandu and even for those who are working outside the country, wait for Dashain to be back at their hometown.

Unfortunately, due to covid, things have been a bit different both last year and to a certain extent this year, even though there are fewer restrictions this year. There are still those who won’t be able to make it back home due to the ongoing pandemic.

Ncell has an empathic message that portrays an emotional story about the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren. The story is beautifully depicted in the monologue version from the grandma’s perspective when she comes to know that she won’t be able to meet her grandson in person for Dashian Tika.


The film has been receiving overwhelming responses with many commenters remembering their grandparents and family values. The film has already been viewed over 2.3 million times, and it has garnered over 38 thousand likes, 300 comments, and 600 shares within the first day of its launch on Facebook alone. The film is also available on other platforms like YouTube & Instagram.

The film is conceptualized by ADA/SUN/Outreach, and production by Abin Bho.

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