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Campaign Spotlight: NCS launches brand transformation campaign in APAC with dentsu as lead agency partner

SINGAPORE — Dentsu International (dentsu) Singapore is pleased to support leading technology services firm, NCS, to launch its new brand identity and campaign to the APAC region. As the lead agency partner for NCS’s brand transformation, dentsu played a key role in the end-to-end delivery of branding, creative, strategy, social and media, as well as web redevelopment.

NCS’ new brand identity launch

Prakash Kamdar, CEO, dentsu Singapore, commented, “As a network at the forefront of the digital revolution ourselves, we are delighted to support NCS’s ambition to transform its business and reposition its brand for the new 5G era. With our strong suite of integrated capabilities housed within dentsu Singapore, it is our innate ability to help our partners deliver impactful transformation journeys. It is therefore delightful to have been able to power the launch of NCS’s major transformation campaign today and we look forward to a stronger partnership in the coming year.”

NCS’ new brand identity launch

Leading the NCS brand transformation campaign, Francesca Babet, Head of Singapore, gyro, CXM Group, dentsu Singapore, also commented, “We are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to work with NCS to help it anchor its new brand identity in the region. A truly holistic brand transformation journey can be successful only when it is able to provide an end-to-end delivery that captures, among others, expertise in branding, design, web, and media. Our dentsu teams were able to able to do that seamlessly and we are pleased that it has shone through well in NCS’s transformation launch today.”


The strategy and approach

The process started with extensive audience and stakeholder research to define the new NCS brand. 

NCS’s previous tagline ‘Making IT happen’ had become a rallying call internally, and a motto even used by clients to highlight their trust in the team’s ability to always deliver.

To mark this moment of change and to elevate the story of NCS’s impact in the world, we wanted to be able to flex this statement to a whole world of possibilities. 

Inspired by NCS’s story as ‘no ordinary company’ and the countless exciting innovations happening around the business at any one time, Make Extraordinary Happen was born. 

A rebrand was essential and a new logo needed to be developed. The decision to keep the NCS name was made early and choice to keep an established tagline was brought to new life. Going from ‘making IT happen’ to ‘making it happen’ and extending to replacing ‘it’ with the many verticals and services NCS offers. For the launch campaign ‘it’ became ‘make extraordinary happen’. A call to action internally and a promise to with partners and clients.

The new logo needed to be vibrant, contemporary yet trustworthy and retain the long heritage and achievements of the company. We wanted something with an iconic and simple silhouette

The new identity is visually unique, easy to remember, trustworthy and dynamic.

The new look combined simplified typography with a new logo device, called the ‘N power’ mark. Inspired by the forward double slash synonymous with technology, coding, and web development, it also represents forward motion and momentum of change and innovation to NCS’s work as they advance our communities. 

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