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Campaign Spotlight: Nobel Hygiene re-launches India’s first Diaper Brand, Snuggy, with a quirky digital campaign

MUMBAI, INDIA — Nobel Hygiene, the largest Indian private manufacturer of disposable hygiene products, has today announced the launch of its new flagship product – Snuggy Gold Pant-Style Diapers. The launch also unveils the digital campaign for the brand with a quirky take on one of the key product features- The Susu Meter or the wetness indicator strip – which runs along the diaper and changes from yellow to blue to indicate when it is time for a change.

The film has been shot in Kerala, a state closely linked to the history and ethos of the brand. It features a mother in a snake boat being rowed by locals to her newborn child, is a quirky take on the wetness indicator that signals to mothers everywhere when it’s time for a diaper change. The brand’s TV campaign will kick off in the first week of April.


Snuggy Diapers is the country’s first Indian baby diaper brand, launched in 1987 by renowned film producer R ‘GoodKnight’ Mohan. The brand was later acquired by the Godrej group, and then by Nobel Hygiene from the Godrej Group on June 30, 2018. Since its acquisition by Nobel Hygiene, Snuggy has grown nearly 10x its historical value and continues to double its turnover every second year.

The campaign has been conceptualized by The Womb & produced by Bang Bang Films.

Kartik Johari, VP-Marketing & Commerce, Nobel Hygiene, says, “Whether a busy Bombay apartment or the backwaters of Kerala—one drama plays out the same—the drama of a frantic parent checking to see if it’s time for a diaper change. The Snuggy Gold Diaper, with its ‘Neela matlab geela’ solution solves this issue—a feature that we highlight in our TVC. When we sat down to brainstorm with our Agency the Womb, we knew we wanted something different, something as away from the usual visual mould of diaper ads, seeped in the Keralite ethos of India’s oldest Made in India diaper, Snuggy. The result is this ad that we had a lot of fun making, and hope you will have equal fun watching.”

Suyash Khabya, Creative Head, The Womb, says, “Advertising in the baby product category is filled with cliches. All the ads are a sea of sameness with soft-focus shots of the baby’s bum, maa ki mamta, father ki caring so on and so forth. Snuggy is a legacy brand and is one of the market leaders in the South. And like a true leader they aim to change the language of communication, break clutter and thus, make the category interesting enough to bring in more users. So, what if she’s a first-time mother, she does enjoy humour and loves to watch something funny. That’s what we have done. We took something cultural in the South, married it to a much-needed product feature, sprinkled it with a catchy line – Neela Matlab Geela and went slightly over the top with the execution. All so, it becomes interesting to watch.”

The campaign has been released on its digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

The brand will also be running a campaign featuring 25+ Kerala-based influencers on its digital platforms illustrating its premium features.

Watch the film here:


Brand Credits: Nobel Hygiene Pvt. Ltd
​VP – Marketing & Commerce: Kartik Johari

Agency Credits: The Womb Communications
Founding Partners : Kawal Shoor & Navin Talreja
Creative Team: Suyash Khabya, Paritosh Lonkar, Ankita Sawant
Planning Team: Manisha Sain, Devanshi Shah & Ramanathan V
Account Management Team: Heval Patel, Omkar Kulkarni, Pranesh Arde & Bijal Tanna

Production House Credits: Bang Bang
Director: Ryan Mendonca
Produced by: Roopak Saluja, Kareena Dalal & Zuleikha Gupta

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