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Campaign Spotlight | Norway: The evil shopping cart is the reason you need car insurance

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Stray shopping carts winding up behind cars in grocery store parking lots seems to be a global phenomenon. And the moment you are backing out and suddenly hear the terrible and expensive sound of scraped metal is the moment you will be thankful to have car insurance.

DNBEvil Shopping Carts


This is the insight behind the new campaign by Norwegian bank and car insurance provider DNB. To prove their point, they went all in.

For their new spot directed by Andreas J. Riiser and produced by Bacon with TRY as agency, DNB made a hellish fleet of remote-controlled shopping carts to ambush unsuspecting drivers in the busiest parking garages in Oslo. To complete the nightmare, the carts were equipped with hidden speakers to make the noise of hitting a car. The result is a fun spot with a classic candid camera feel.


Agency: TRY
Creative team: Caroline Riis & Eirik Sørensen
Consultant: Kristina Skogen
Project Manager: Vilje Mohn
Designer: Jeppe Gjesti

Production Company: Bacon
Director: Andreas J. Riiser
Producer: Ola Narum Berg
Ex. Producer: Mange Lynger
Production leader: Vittoria Røkke Passalacqua
Post Production Producer: Eli Mari Sandal

Client: DNB
Aina Lemoen Lunde
Mette Kristin Olsen

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