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Campaign Spotlight: Octopus encourages Hong Kong people to “take it easy” in campaign developed with DDB Group Hong Kong

HONG KONG — Octopus is launching a new campaign, its first with DDB Group Hong Kong, to encourage Hong Kong people to collect and spend the government consumption vouchers with Octopus. 

The news of this government benefit was well received by Hong Kong residents but since the announcement, there has been much speculation regarding who can register, how to register, how to collect the money, and how to spend it. Suddenly it has started to feel complex and stressful for people… but Octopus wants everyone to take it easy and hopes to reassure them with its new campaign. 


The campaign highlights Octopus as the most hassle-free way to collect and spend the HKD 5,000 government voucher, aiming to establish it as the preferred choice among Hong Kong residents. The ease with which residents (most of whom already own an Octopus card) can use the card to collect the vouchers via the Octopus App or one-tap collection at various points around the city, and then be able to spend it with the greatest variety of merchants, is stressed with the campaign tagline, “Take it easy – the simplest way to collect and spend”. 

The campaign centers around a catchy theme song performed by popular local artist, Eman Lam. Lam is known for her cheerful, folksy songs and the new tune, “Take It Easy”, co-written by the team at DDB Group Hong Kong, is no exception. The music video features plenty of other familiar faces, including Ian Chan from Mirror, singing along to the tune too, all while happily spending with Octopus in a variety of easy ways. 

Hong Kong people will be hearing the song everywhere with significant media investment made for the campaign. Media agency, OMD, is deploying high-reach, high-impact integrated media to drive awareness and consideration. Having identified key audiences, the integrated media campaign is able to synergize tailored creative executions with relevant media moments.

As part of the campaign, the brand will also engage many micro-influencers to share genuine accounts of their personal Octopus experiences, to more personally connect with such a wide range of people. 

Rita Li, Sales and Marketing Director at Octopus, said, “We chose to work with DDB Group Hong Kong because they seemed to really understand our brand and where we want to take it. I think this campaign does a great job in assuring Hong Kong people about the ease of using Octopus for the voucher scheme, while also effectively communicating who we are as a brand.”

Leo Tsui, Chief Business Officer at DDB Group Hong Kong, commented on the recent business win. “We were thrilled to win the business of this iconic Hong Kong brand and are extremely excited to be doing a campaign that feels like a great cultural fit for both the brand and for Hong Kong people. After all, Octopus is an important part of Hong Kong culture.” 

Frankie Fung, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Group Hong Kong, added, “Everybody is looking forward to this government benefit, but nobody needs more stress in their lives. For this campaign, how we made people feel was the most important thing and I believe not only the song, but all the campaign elements, will help reassure people, that at least for this one thing, they really can ‘take it easy’.” 


Octopus Holdings Limited:

Sales and Marketing Director – Rita Li

General Manager, Sales & Marketing Department – Peter Miu

Deputy General Manager, Sales & Marketing Department – Andrew Li

Senior Manager, Marketing – Milky Lau

Senior Manager, Marketing – Kammy Cheung

Manager, Digital Marketing – Smile So

Manager, Marketing – Kimmy Ip

Manager, Marketing – Dorothy Chan

DDB Group Hong Kong:

CEO – Andreas Krasser

Chief Business Officer – Leo Tsui

Group Strategy Director – Adrian Tso

Chief Creative Officer – Frankie Fung

Associate Strategy Director – Garron Chiu

Group Business Director – Albert Wong

Associate Account Director – Keefe Ho

Account Manager – Cham Cham

Account Executive – Tiffany Chan

Senior Creative Director and Creative Partner – Christine Lai

Associate Creative Director – Cola Chan

Senior Art Director – Zephyr Yung

Art Director – Ruth Wong

Art Director – Steph Fong

Copywriter – Lim Leung

TV production – Chuen Chau

Studio – Nelson Fung

Director – Nick Lim/ Martin Tong (Hellonick)


Business Director, Overall Account Lead – Desmond Ko 

Senior Planning Manager, Integrated Media Planning – Adrian Lee 

Digital Manager, Strategy Digital Media Planning – Irene Chan 

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