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Campaign Spotlight: A lollipop or a new galaxy? Chupa Chups’ ‘More to Explore’ print campaign is a visual delight

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Chupa Chups new print and OOH campaign “More to Explore” visually transforms the delight of enjoying a longer-lasting lollipop into an expedition to the majestic universe of taste.

The eye-catching campaign conceived by Serviceplan Group and crafted by Illusion CGI Studio made the product the star of the imagery, embracing every detail from surface to air bubbles and translucent gum core: an XXL eye-candy. Serviceplan worked closely with innovative CGI studio Illusion in Bangkok.

Post Rattanas, overseas producer-director, Illusion explains: “We love crafting details that consumers don’t usually see. Especially with Chupa Chups, it is rare that people will look at the product really closely. We also love Serviceplan’s idea of Chupa Chups floating like planets in space, in their own galaxy, where we can make the use of lighting, color and bring up all the details of the lollipop’s surface and the translucency.“


And the mission is fruitful: stunning details combined with the vibrant colors of the four iconic Chupa Chups flavors – Cola, Apple, Strawberry, and Tutti Frutti – open up imaginative new worlds, ready to be discovered.

For Serviceplan Group’s Global Head of Art, Michael Wilk, the collective visual exploration was a success: “For a project such as this, you need a partner who is creatively visionary as well as technically capable of bringing the vision to life. Someone with extraordinary skills and passion. We couldn’t be happier having Illusion as our partner. The working process was super collaborative and creative, and the result is absolutely stunning. Illusion took it to the next level. Or the next galaxy to be precise.”

Agency: Serviceplan Group
Global Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Global Head of Art: Michael Wilk
Art Direction: Mirjam Olga Strzata
Managing Partner: Florian Klietz
Photographer: Illusion CGI Studio
Illustrator: Illusion CGI Studio
Production Company: Illusion CGI Studio
Marketing Director Perfetti van Melle: Nicola Weiss

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