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Campaign Spotlight: What are tiny jean pockets for? AlmapBBDO X Bayer Aspirin come up with a fresh answer

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — Ever wondered what use that tiny pocket in your denim jeans could possibly have? It seems like agency AlmapBBDO was wondering the same thing, and they came up with an innovative idea that combines healthcare and fashion.

Bayer Aspirin is one of the go-to solutions for not only alleviating headaches and other pain relief needs but also for reducing the likelihood of strokes and heart-related problems. So, in their mission to remind people — particularly the younger crowd — of the importance of having Aspirin on-hand, Bayer Brazil partnered with AlmapBBDO and Brazilian fashion brands Amapô, Lilly Sarti, and Oriba to create custom jeans with tiny denim pockets to hold aspirin. With these pants, there’s no need to panic in tough situations. All you need to do is reach into the mini pockets for your ticket to pain relief and wellness.

As part of the initiative, Bayer has released a new film to promote the campaign. The video features young people dancing and strutting down a fashion runway lit by neon lights while clad in custom jeans.


The campaign will be launched through the Brazil editions of GQ and Vogue, and the limited line of custom jeans will be presented via a digital fashion show. To reach a wider audience of the target Gen Z market, the initiative will also be publicized by influencers like Luciana Gimenez (@lucianagimenez), John Drops (@Johndrops), and Mareu (@msuconic) to name a few. Some of the influencers will even be restyling their own jeans to include the tiny pockets to promote a DIY movement that not only looks fresh and fashionable but also highlights the importance of looking out for your own health.

Bayer Aspirin Mini Pockets
AlmapBBDO CCOs: Luiz Sanches and Pernil
AlmapBBDO Creative Director: Pedro Corbett
AlmapBBDO Creatives: Gabriel Carletti, Hélio Maffia, and Luz Arroyo
Design: Marcus Sulzbacher, Antonio Belchior Neto, Paulo Lima Altieri, and Dieter Trupel
AlmapBBDO Liaisons: Camila Massari, Fernanda Portugal, Marcus Avena, and Manuella Gavioli
AlmapBBDO Media: Fernanda Zenteno, Manuela Day, Felipe Benevides, Angelo Dell’Arciprete Ferronato, and Luana Guerra Gallizzi
AlmapBBDO Content: Chris Mello, Yara Tieppo, Geraldo Gonçalves
Graphic Production: José Roberto Bezerra, Marcos de Souza
EnergyBBDO CCOs: Pedro Perez and Josh Gross
EnergyBBDO Creative Director: Allison Hayes
EnergyBBDO Planning: Larry Gies and Doug Malcolm
EnergyBBDO Liaisons: Javier Bracero, Amanda Nieman, and Donna Wilson
Approval: Patricia Corsi, Reese Fitzpatrick, Trevor Thrun, Amalia Chondromatidou, Philipp Schuster, and Andrea Guerriero

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