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Buensalido + Architects renames as Barchan + Architecture on 18th year, opening a new chapter of innovation

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — After 18 years of original, innovative, and forward-thinking design solutions, award-winning architecture firm Buensalido + Architects ushers in a new chapter as Barchan + Architecture, marking the milestone with the launch of a limited edition coffee table book Shifting Sands.

Founded in 2006 by Arch. Jason Buensalido, Buensalido + Architects made its mark on the local architecture landscape with its dedication to introducing fresh, bold, and innovative concepts to the Philippine design setting. This commitment is evident in its range of projects including the vibrant CIIT Philippines campus, the inventive Project Smarthome, among many others. 

“We’re proud of what we did at Buensalido + Architects, and since 2006, with the support of our partners, architects, and clients, we have grown into a structured architectural design collective,” Arch. Buensalido shared. “With plans to continue to push the envelope here at home and take on projects beyond the Philippines, we embrace a new name.”

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Shifting Sands includes a captivating series of insightful narratives and images illustrating how Barchan + Architecture embraces authenticity, altruism, aspiration, and advancement.

The firm’s new name comes from the word “barchan,” a crescent-shaped dune found in deserts. Barchans exist without consuming natural resources, letting themselves be shaped by nature. “The barchan symbolizes our belief in architecture shaped by context. Like barchans, our designs tell stories of nature and human aspiration, preserving memories and enabling new legacies,” the architect explained.

The firm reveals its new coffee table book Shifting Sands to mark the company’s new identity and design philosophy, serving as a testament to past achievements and challenges and symbolizing a collective step forward. Written by Edson Cabalfin and designed by branding firm Design for Tomorrow, the book offers a deep dive into Barchan Architecture’s embrace of authenticity, altruism, aspiration, and advancement. Through vivid imagery and insightful narratives, the book demonstrates how the firm’s projects embody and exemplify each of these principles, resonating with anyone no matter their background. 

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Barchan + Architecture emphasizes that collaboration is a cornerstone of the firm’s values, with each team member having an important role in the pursuit of unique and creative design.

This new chapter showcases how the firm’s design practices have evolved into a team effort. Together with Barchan’s key management VP of Admin, Finance, and Culture Arch. Nikki Boncan-Buensalido, VP of Operations & Associate Architect Ems Eliseo, Associate Architect for Design and Lead Project Architect Jerome Bautista, and Associate Architect for Culture and Lead Project Architect Cholo Ramirez, the firm shared it has adopted a more mature design practice that will explore new ways to express culture in architecture and improve lives through design. 

“This book embodies our new identity as Barchan and serves as a reflection on past achievements and challenges, representing a step forward for all of us together. It reaffirms our commitment to addressing Filipino identity in architecture amidst evolving projects and clients,” Arch. Eliseo shared. 

For more information about Barchan Architecture, visit and follow them on Facebook @BarchanArchitecture and Instagram @barchan_architecture

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