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Jocelle Pe joins Praxis as Managing Partner, bringing fresh perspective and leadership

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Praxis, one of the country’s fastest-growing agencies, has welcomed Jocelle Pe as Managing Partner. A brilliant choice for a daring new role, Jocelle looks destined for a catalyst role with this lean and mean agency that could.

Fresh from mainly regional posts, 17 years of which were spent with Nike, Jocelle excels in people-oriented, customer-centric work. Nike is synonymous with sports, and sports is a universal unifier across ages, countries, people and cultures, and genders. Jocelle’s stint with the sports giant holding roles across multi-touchpoints would bear fruit, seeing her at the helm of Reebok and Under Armour entering new markets.

Taking on the leadership baton is no mean feat. Learning from mentors and working with brands that allowed direct customer access, Jocelle mastered market strategies that made customers tick and click add to cart or check out the store. She brings to Praxis impactful initiatives that connect clients with consumers by leveraging diverse inputs from the agency’s young teams.


Jocelle commented, “My style of leadership is all about enablement. In my journey, being able to see how we do work and business in the country and across Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, we must balance themes that we work with across different countries and with different cultures.

“As Filipinos, we are resilient. One mistake or one roadblock will not bring you down. You find ways together with your team to see what would work best. A small budget will not stop you from doing exceptional work. These experiences made me want to be at the forefront and able to work with different organizations and really make that connection, at the root of which is the consumer.”

Praxis is joined at the hip with Intersections Communication. Jocelle’s entry to Praxis is credited to Gladys Basinillo, Founder and CEO of both agencies.

“Being consumer-centric and data-driven, Jocelle will bring a breath of fresh perspective to Praxis, an experiential agency. Lifestyle is our craft; she will drive this to impact the commercial and retail side.

She sees the agency’s emphasis on business fundamentals like understanding the marketplace and embracing new technologies. What we have is a meeting of minds,” said Gladys.

Fostering collaboration through an open work environment that enables synergy and knowledge sharing that mentors young team members will connect to the consumer and will deliver the KPIs. Praxis is commendable in its leadership. Mainly women-led, the agency stands out. Jocelle’s presence bolsters this, driving positive change and empowering women through mentoring and leadership.

“There were moments in my career or professional journey where I was the only woman sitting at the table. I’ve seen how Gladys and April Yap (Managing Director) pulled together Intersections, and I want to be part of something that helps propel women.

Women leaders are excellent. It’s not only how hard-working we are, or how much talent Filipino women have, but it’s also about how we go about being leaders in the many roles we have,” Jocelle added.

This mother of two proudly honors her mother, who, at 17, raised her amid criticism of single mothers during that time. Jocelle acknowledges that women leaders in the Philippines have long been present, but gender inequality issues like pay gaps and lack of voice still exist in some contexts. This part of her life has created in Jocelle, an advocate of cyber safety for children and women empowerment.

The stewardship of a budding young agency is an albatross only the brave can unshackle and upheave. Still, it is collaborative leadership that fosters resilience and synergy amongst teams that the new managing partner finds a kindred spirit. With kindred spirit, meeting KPIs follow.

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