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From a card that champions LGBTQ+ rights to gravy-licking cats, these creative campaigns are making waves

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Every week, the advertising industry elevates creativity with works that get people talking. Whether raising awareness on social causes, spreading joy, or telling a unique story, marketers and advertisers have continued to find newer and more dynamic ways to communicate brand messages to target audiences around the world. True enough, there is no shortage of great campaigns for the adobo Magazine team to admire and celebrate in time for each week’s round-up.

From gripping stories that stay with you for hours after seeing them for the first time to brilliant engagements that bring the brand to new heights, here are the campaigns that crossed our radar this week:

Pride, prejudice, and a whole lot of creativity

Manila-based creative agency MullenLowe TREYNA was able to clinch gold and silver metals at ADFEST 2024 with its “Right to Care” campaign. In an exclusive conversation with adobo Magazine, MullenLowe TREYNA Chair 3meritus (C3PO) Leigh Reyes and Associate Creative Director and Senior Copywriter Paulo Dela Rosa talked about this unprecedented initiative that grants LGBTQ+ couples in Quezon City the right to make medical decisions for each other in emergencies.


Through innovative thinking, the team repurposed the Special Power of Attorney into a portable card endorsed by the Quezon City Gender and Development Council, effectively turning it into a city-wide ordinance. MullenLowe TREYNA aims to continue advocating for marginalized communities in the Philippines, hoping to expand the campaign’s impact nationwide.

Who needs a finish line when you’ve got a gravy line?

Premium cat food SHEBA and creative agency AMV BBDO have launched “The Gravy Race,” a unique sporting event featuring famous internet cats competing in a single-elimination tournament by licking a line of gravy, showcasing their love for SHEBA’s new GRAVY INDULGENCE Entrées. With a combined reach of over 55 million followers, including renowned felines such as @waffles_the_cat and @venustwofacecat, the competition promises to be one of the most-watched events in the US.

Breaking the mold because sports commentary isn’t a boys-only club

In collaboration with creative agency AlmapBBDO, potato chip brand LAY’S recently conducted a social experiment to address the issue of women’s presence and respect in soccer. As a sponsor of the women’s UCL, LAY’S emphasized the importance of respecting women both on and off the field.

The experiment involved journalist Elaine Trevisan commentating on a soccer match, with her voice altered to sound male in real-time, revealing the discrepancies in how her commentary was received compared to when she commented under her real identity. Through this initiative, LAY’S sought to spark a conversation about the treatment of women in sports broadcasting and society at large, highlighting the need for inclusivity and respect.

Finally, furniture that won’t leave you toe-tally annoyed

Online furniture and home decor store Pepperfry has introduced “non-stub” furniture, injecting humor into April Fools’ Day. Acknowledging the universal annoyance of stubbing toes on furniture, Pepperfry transformed this everyday frustration into laughter through its latest campaign. While there’s no revolutionary AI solution to prevent toe-stubbing, Pepperfry’s April Fools’ Day video offers a comical perspective on this household struggle, envisioning a world where furniture predicts and alerts you of impending collisions.

Score a win for men’s health with this unexpected halftime show

Non-profit organization Testicular Cancer Society, together with creative agency FP7 McCann Dubai, has encouraged men to “Highlight your balls” this Cancer Awareness Month. Recognizing the need for engaging in self-check demonstrations amidst the boredom of typical instructional videos, the campaign cleverly leverages the popularity of football highlights on YouTube.

By strategically placing self-examination tutorials as mid-roll ads just before free kicks, the campaig integrates vital health messaging into the intense moments of the game. The clips feature actors mimicking defending players, conducting self-exams while a commentator-style voiceover guides viewers through the process.

Here’s a look back at adobo Magazine’s weekly campaign picks.

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