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This week in campaigns: A byte-sized President has big answers, hours of sleep turn into rewards, and a chicken confesses to no foul play

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Every week, the advertising industry elevates creativity with works that get people talking. Whether raising awareness on social causes, spreading joy, or telling a unique story, marketers and advertisers have continued to find newer and more dynamic ways to communicate brand messages to target audiences around the world. True enough, there is no shortage of great campaigns for the adobo Magazine team to admire and celebrate in time for each week’s round-up.

From gripping stories that stay with you for hours after seeing them for the first time to brilliant engagements that bring the brand to new heights, here are the campaigns that crossed our radar this week:

The era of political deadlock in Lebanon? Artificially terminated

Lebanon has made history with the world’s first AI President, developed by AnNahar Newspaper in collaboration with IMPACT BBDO Dubai and Addition New York. The AI President, trained on 90 years of AnNahar’s impartial journalism, offers insights into Lebanon’s past and present, tackling political, legal, and governmental questions.


Launched in a live broadcast by Nayla Tueni, Editor-in-Chief of AnNahar, the AI President addresses pressing issues through a transformed print edition and will be accessible online for all Lebanese citizens, providing a unique avenue for governance and decision-making in a nation that has been without a sitting president for the last two years.

Brazil’s truckers can now earn rewards for snoozing on the job

A 2021 study by the Brazilian Association of Traffic Medicine (ABRAMET), the Brazilian Academy of Neurology, and the Regional Council of Medicine found that 42% of traffic accidents in Brazil are related to sleep deprivation. Because of this insight, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus joined forces with Livelo, Brazil’s leading rewards program, to introduce “Trucker Napp – Earn While You Sleep.”

This initiative, conceptualized by AlmapBBDO, aims to enhance road safety by monitoring truck drivers’ rest hours nationwide. Through smartwatches linked to a points system, drivers accrue Livelo points based on their sleep quality and duration, incentivizing healthier habits.

Small steps, big splash: Water conservation starts with a drop in the bucket

In Singapore, PUB, the National Water Agency, and VML Singapore have rolled out a new campaign urging citizens to conserve water with the tagline “Save water. Big ways, small ways. All OK!”

Unveiled during Singapore World Water Day Celebrations, this campaign recognizes various water-saving efforts, from simple actions like turning off taps to more conscious consumption choices. With colorful visuals and a light-hearted video, the campaign celebrates ongoing efforts while highlighting the importance of water conservation amidst Singapore’s growing water demand and climate change challenges.

Forget the egg, this chicken’s got the real scoop

Potato Corner has introduced its latest offering, Crunchy Chicken Pops, through Jennylyn — its most authentic chicken influencer to date. To dispel any doubts about the product’s authenticity, Potato Corner subjected Jennylyn to a lie detector test, confirming that Crunchy Chicken Pops are indeed made of real whole chicken meat. With no “fowl” play detected, the brand assures customers of the quality of every bite.

We don’t have time for underarm shaming. We’re too busy raising the bar – and our arms!

Do you know, 8 in 10 Filipino women won’t raise their arms because of underarm insecurity? To combat underarm shaming and boost women’s confidence, personal care brand Dove and creative agency Ogilvy Singapore have launched “Raise Your Arms.”

Recognizing the widespread issue of underarm insecurity among Filipino women, the campaign encourages them to embrace their underarms as symbols of strength and resilience. With visually striking outdoor posters and a strong digital presence, Dove urges women to share their moments of bravery using the hashtag #freethepits, fostering a more inclusive environment and challenging societal beauty norms.

Here’s a look back at adobo Magazine’s weekly campaign picks.

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