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This week, let’s get nostalgic with a trippy video vinyl, give vegetables the recognition they deserve, and watch football in 24/7 laundromats

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Every week, the advertising industry elevates creativity with works that get people talking. Whether raising awareness on social causes, spreading joy, or telling a unique story, marketers and advertisers have continued to find newer and more dynamic ways to communicate brand messages to target audiences around the world. True enough, there is no shortage of great campaigns for the adobo Magazine team to admire and celebrate in time for each week’s round-up.

From gripping stories that stay with you for hours after seeing them for the first time to brilliant engagements that bring the brand to new heights, here are the campaigns that crossed our radar this week:

Spin some magic with a vinyl that’s both a sight and sound sensation

Music television program Coke Studio, in collaboration with WPP Open X and Ogilvy Singapore, has launched its limited-edition Coke Studio Video Vinyl, adding a nostalgic take to its upcoming eighth season in the Philippines. The Video Vinyl records, designed using the Zoetrope technique, offer a visual and auditory journey into the fusion of musical legends and contemporary artists featured in Season 07.


Through intricate designs and hidden messages crafted by visionary illustrators, these collector’s edition vinyls promise to captivate both music enthusiasts and collectors, offering a sneak peek into the upcoming season while hinting at surprises for Coke Studio fans across ASEAN and South Pacific.

Who says we have to sweat buckets to enjoy a tropical summer?

In the scorching summer heat of the Philippines, super app Grab‘s latest ad offers relief with a humorous take on everyday sweat-inducing tasks. The campaign film, crafted by creative agency GIGIL in collaboration with Factory01 Bangkok, follows a lovable character navigating through his day, dripping with exaggerated sweat at every turn. From commuting to cooking, Grab showcases its services like air-conditioned GrabCar and refreshing GrabFood deliveries, promising a “No Sweat Summer” for users.

No filter needed: Real beauty stays the standard here

20 years ago, a study found that only 2% of women globally considered themselves beautiful. Since then, personal care brand Dove has been dedicated to taking action to make a positive experience with beauty accessible to everyone. Dove’s commitment to real beauty remains unwavering as it now confronts the influence of AI on societal beauty standards.

From challenging unrealistic ideals to promoting transparency, Dove’s latest campaign, “The Code,” highlights the importance of authentic representation in the digital age. Collaborating with diverse voices including Reba McEntire and Drew Barrymore, Dove continues its two-decade journey to empower women and girls to embrace their true selves.

Gamers, it’s time to give veggies a power-up

Food and beverage brand Knorr has rallied the global gaming community for a unique mission: to give vegetables the recognition they truly deserve. Through research, Knorr found that veggies fall significantly behind in many games. For example, in one game, munching meat gives a +15HP boost while chomping on cabbage delivers just +10HP. In other games, the difference is even bigger. Starting a green movement, Knorr has invited gaming fans to #ModTheVeg and sign a petition for “veg equality” in virtual worlds.

Through Twitch streams and demonstrations of mods by renowned gamers like “Ninja” and Kris Rey, the campaign aims to revolutionize gaming by making virtual veggies as potent and rewarding as their meat counterparts.

A laundromat transforms into an all-night sports bar for hardcore football fans

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Asia is home to some of the world’s most hardcore football fans — so devoted they’ll wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning to watch UEFA Champions League games live. To cater to these enthusiasts during the UEFA Champions League, brewing company Heineken and creative agency LePub APAC transformed 24-hour laundromats into all-night sports bars. “LaundroMatch” proved successful and offered a unique venue for fans to gather and enjoy the games together while traditional bars were closed.

Here’s a look back at adobo Magazine’s weekly campaign picks.

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