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Over 19,000 gamers worldwide call for vegetable equality in Knorr’s ModTheVeg movement

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Knorr‘s #ModTheVeg Movement has taken the gaming world by storm, aiming to level up veggies in video games. With over 19,000 gamers from around the globe signing the petition, the movement has taken off. 

Rooted in findings from Knorr, it consistently turned out that veggies fell behind significantly in many games.  For example, in one game munching meat gives a +15HP boost while chomping on cabbage delivers just +10HP. In other games, the difference is even bigger. A beef steak brings +552HP while a hearty bean stew lies in its wake, only patching up to the tune of +61HP. The findings and the presentation by streamers around the world fired up the gaming community to get them behind the quest for veg equality.

Filipino gamer Kris Rey and Knorr think it’s high time veggies are powered up to get the recognition they deserve, and they are calling on the gaming community worldwide to join this ambition. Knorr invites gaming fans to #ModTheVeg and sign a petition to show their support for giving veggies a boost in the virtual world and bring a new balance to gaming sustenance. The hope is this campaign will catch the attention of gaming publishers and spur them on to re-evaluate their games and give veggies the supercharge they deserve.


Kris shared: “Recently, I’ve been more mindful of what I put in my body, I have learned how important balanced meals are for my long-term health. Historically, through games, we have been limited to using meat-based diets to get you through the main quests or heal faster, while apples or cabbage heal you for way smaller. Wouldn’t it be awesome if veggies counted for more in the game? Well, that’s why I teamed up with Knorr which will teach fans the importance of veggies and a balanced diet.”

In a series of electrifying Twitch streams led by world-famous gamers “Ninja” and Kris Rey, nearly one million viewers were confronted with the reality that it is much harder to survive on veggies alone in-game. Joining Kris Rey and Ninja were seven more streamers from around the globe, like Jordy2D and Jeremy Freiser.

On stream, they demonstrated mods that make virtual veg just as powerful, fun, and rewarding as the real deal. From new culinary experiences to veggie parkour, mods level up gaming to epic new roles for vegetables in beloved games. However, the streams also showcased exciting mods created by gamers, finally giving veggies the power they deserve.

The gaming community has gotten behind the movement, taking to the comments boxes to share their thoughts. Players expressed their support for the supercharging movement, exclaiming, “we are all here for veggies!” with another agreeing that “them veggie give superpowers.” While others couldn’t wait to get their hands of veggie-specific mods, saying: “I’m playing this mod first thing when I get home today!”. The overwhelming support for veggies was evident as comments like “we love veggies <3” filled the chat. It shows the community’s enthusiasm for a more inclusive and rewarding gaming experience and reflects our diet in the real world. 

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World famous streamer “Ninja” added: “It was a great experience showing off the mods to my community and talking about the disadvantage vegetables have in gaming right now. I’m certain that #ModTheVeg turns some heads and urges the industry to overthink the current situation where other foods are usually a winning factor. I’m so glad my audience was on board and absolutely loved this campaign with all the fun challenges we did.”

Representatives from Knorr Philippines shared, “We’re thrilled to team up with Ninja in highlighting this imbalance for veggies in games worldwide. This campaign is about getting veggies super-charged as much in the virtual world as they are in the real world.”

You can still join the movement to level the playing field for veggies. Make vegetables the MVP (most valuable produce) in your gaming inventory. This is not just a mission; it’s a gaming revolution aimed at rectifying the injustice against veggies. Get involved by playing the mods and signing the petition, urging the gaming world to make vegetables as exciting and rewarding as other foods in their games.

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