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Philippine brands serve up April Fool’s laughter with absurd product launches

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Renowned for their zest for life and infectious sense of humor, Filipinos have long cherished the art of laughter as an integral part of their cultural identity. With April Fool’s Day marking a global celebration of mirth and jest, it comes as no surprise that Philippine brands eagerly joined the fray, showcasing their creativity through spoof products and outlandish announcements.

In celebration of comedic genius, adobo Magazine presents its curated list of the top five April Fool’s jokes from the country:

Now you can have your bucket and eat it too

Get ready to redefine your bucket list with KFC’s latest innovation: the Edible Bucket. In a tongue-in-cheek twist, KFC introduces a crispy, flavorful, and entirely edible bucket, promising the same “finger-lickin” taste packed into a snackable package.


Turn up the heat with Halo-Halo- and Saging Con Yelo-flavored condoms

Spice up your summer romance with Durex‘s latest innovation, featuring exclusive flavors inspired by quintessential Filipino treats like Halo-halo and Saging Con Yelo. Crafted to beat the heat and ignite passion, these “limited-time offerings” promise a tantalizing twist on intimacy.

Why choose between comfort food and your go-to drink when you can have both?

Chatime‘s newest concoction, the Milk Tea-Nola, is inspired by the beloved Filipino dish tinola. This drink combines the comforting flavors of real chicken, chicken broth, fresh ginger, malunggay leaves, and green papaya with the delightful chewiness of boba pearls. Chatime offers a refreshing twist on tradition – questionable as this beverage may be.

For a taste that’ll make you wag your tail, try these “functional human treats”

Dr. Shiba unveils a surprising twist with its latest offering: Dog treats that are also safe and edible for humans. In a lighthearted embrace of April Fool’s Day, the brand introduces these “functional human treats” available in beef and duck flavors, blurring the lines between pet and owner indulgences.

Because conventional pizza toppings are boring now

Pizza Hut launches the Binignit Sa Tag-init Cheesy Bites Pizza, which takes after the iconic Philippine dish binignit. Incorporating tapioca pearls, glutinous rice, sweet potatoes, and purple yams atop cheesy bites, this pizza is a playful nod to culinary experimentation.

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