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Campaign Spotlight: Ogilvy Bangalore sends out a Creative COVID-19 Message to Readers of THE HINDU Newspaper

CHENNAI, INDIA – The Hindu, one of India’s leading dailies, sends its readers a clear message to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. On March 22nd the publication posted on their Instagram @the_hindu to their readers, “One small change could save lives. Stop the spread of COVID-19 by enforcing social distancing as much as possible.”

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Given the current circumstances that surround us, the work by Mahesh Gharat and Kiran Anthony, Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy South India, spoke few words with a great visual impact. It has a clear message “It’s practically this easy to stop the virus from spreading,” but educates its readers to practice safe social distancing even without reading the type.

An exceptional work that needs no further elaboration or explanation. Well done.

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