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Campaign Spotlight: On a motorcycle around the pots mountain — Ukraine’s Patrol Police Release Series of Videos Against Sexism in Auto Industry

KYIV, UKRAINE — In the run-up to Driver’s Day — observed in Ukraine on October 31 — the Patrol Police of Ukraine jointly with ANGRY creative agency presented a series of videos aimed at overcoming gender bias against women drivers.

Gender-based discriminatory expressions against women behind the wheel are an everyday thing on social media. Allegedly, when it comes to driving, men are careful and reliable, while women allow themselves frivolous maneuvers and do not follow road traffic regulations.

To overcome sexism in Ukraine’s auto industry the patrol police presented a series of videos — three genuine female drivers respond to three real-life discriminatory comments. In doing so, they use not words, but actions.


Accordingly, fashion designer and race car driver Olena Ivanova drifts around washing machines; manager and motorcyclist Iryna Nadieieva races round the heap of saucepans, and police lieutenant Valentyna Semeniuk performs the Rockford Turn and drives into a corridor of balloons which are usually given to women upon the discharge from a maternity home.

The campaign reiterates: gender role stereotypes in the auto industry had long been exhausted. Prejudice and discrimination should give ground to the development of a tolerant community of male and female drivers with a shared interest in safe driving.

The fact that safe driving has no connection to gender is confirmed by statistics. For example, British researchers discovered that men violate traffic rules four times more frequently than women, including speeding, driving without insurance and being under the influence. In addition, Americans found out that women are less likely than men to contribute to fatalities due to speeding.


Work Credited to:
Creative Director: Serhii Malyk
Director of Creative Services: Inna Polshyna
Art Director: Inna Alimova
Copywriter: Anastasiia Shvets

More about the heroines starring in the videos:

  • Valentyna Semeniuk is the senior inspector of the 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment (serving at the Right Bank) of the Patrol Police Office in Kyiv, Department of Patrol Police.
  • Olena Ivanova is a fashion designer and female racer who took up motorsports in 2015. She is the prizewinner of RTR Time Attack Championship of Ukraine in 2016–2019, the podium prizewinner (1st and 3rd places) following the 2018 results in the National Series with Time Attack, and the 1st place winner in Polish National Series of Time Attack Liqui Moly.
  • Iryna Nadieieva is a manager and motorcyclist. She is the 2020 Vice Champion of Ukraine in motorcycle speedway and circuit racing and the 2021 Champion of Ukraine in motorcycle speedway and circuit racing.

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