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Campaign Spotlight: On Women’s day, Oriflame empowers women to step-up, lead and #BeTheBossBabe

MUMBAI, INDIA — Oriflame completed its 25 years in India with a massive virtual celebration in December 2020. For 25 years, the brand has inspired millions of households to join the wave of entrepreneurship to lead their life.


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This year, on women’s day, the brand along with their digital agency, VMLY&R broke the wave of ‘women empowerment’ by taking the conversation a notch higher. They inspired women to not just be confident about themselves and their beliefs but to break out of the comfort zones that they build around themselves and be the future themselves. Additionally, because the future is not going to be lead or dictated by a specific gender but by the ones who make their space with their beliefs and be in command to direct the changes they have been waiting for.

Anubha Jain, Account Lead, VMLY&R India, shared her thought behind inspiring women to #BeTheBossBabe— “Women are tired of hearing the constant empowerment speech – They know who they are. They are Boss Babes in their own right. The way they juggle infinite responsibilities in their life, it’s nothing short of a superhero – A Superwoman. These Boss Babes know it’s their turn to shine – They are ready and willing. The distance between their will and becoming the success story they are meant to be, is just a nudge away.”

Stuti Trikha, Copy Supervisor, VMLY&R India added — “Every year, much is said and done to inspire women to be their best… but what everyone forgets is that women know the power they hold within. They are inspired, all they need is a reminder, to find that boss babe within. The boss babe who knows no bounds and leads the way with panache.”

The campaign, #BeTheBossBabe swayed netizens in the wave of leadership with their ‘Be the boss anthem’. Creating an impressive engagement of overall campaign.

On 8th March, the brand united as a community by creating the longest and one-of-its-kind Instagram-chain-bio with their brand’s anthem…this wave was later joined by the general audience at large and several internet bloggers like Nitibha Kaul, Niki Mehra, Juhi Chawla, Tulip Fazal and many more. Not just that, the fans also adopted the ‘boss-babe’ anthem by their heart, making it the internet trend on Women’s day.

What is more, they didn’t stop here. Oriflame also felicitated their top 25 brand leaders on their social platforms and engaged with their audience through a simple ‘What’s your boss-babe look?’ contest that resulted in increasing the followership on their page.

Naveen Anand, Senior Director Regional Marketing South Asia, Oriflame shared their thoughts on the need of women to be the boss— “I’m proud to say, women are truly the backbone of a country’s success. The future, which begins from today, needs empathetic and strong mindsets to make decisions that will make the world a better place. For the past 25 years, Oriflame has been fortunate to see women emerge as the strongest leaders and we look forward to empowering more of them.”


Agency: VMLY&R India

Associate Creative Director – Akshit Vs

Copy Supervisor – Stuti Trikha

Senior Designer – Devika Khosla

Copy Writer – Diksha Agarwal

Account Lead – Anubha Jain

Client Servicing Executive – Lavish Arora

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