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Campaign Spotlight: Ouigo hijacks ski resorts’ snow cams

PARIS, FRANCE — Until the end of March 2022, OUIGO, SNCF Voyageurs’ low-cost offer, will regularly serve the Alps (Grenoble, Albertville, Moûtiers, Aime-la-Plagne, Bourg-Saint-Maurice), with trains departing from the Île-de-France region starting at just 10 euros for adults. To announce this new offer, OUIGO is positioning itself somewhere unexpected with a new campaign from agency ROSA PARIS.

After teasing idling drivers last summer with “Traffic Jams”, a campaign that appeared on the backs of trucks, OUIGO is again getting creative with media space, now inviting itself onto the slopes themselves by “hijacking” the snow cams at ski resorts it serves.

For two years, ski slopes remained closed due to covid. When they reopened, web traffic to online snow cams surged – ski lovers who couldn’t wait to get back were following snow conditions closely. To promote 10€ tickets to the Alps, OUIGO hijacked the snow cams of l’Alpe d’Huez and Les Contamines, two famous ski resorts, by erecting custom billboards right in front of them.

Our billboards were streamed live nonstop for 5 days on the ski resorts’ websites, where viewers could book their tickets directly.


  • 10€ will get you to this side of the screen. (the Alps, from 10€)
  • Are you grounded or what? Go on, do it. (the Alps, from 10€)
  • Stop surfing, start skiing. (the Alps, from 10€)Get offline and start packing. (the Alps, from 10€)
  • For 10€, turn your chair into a chairlift. (the Alps, from 10€)

With this new campaign, OUIGO is once again seeking to create a collaboration between the brand and winter sports enthusiasts, too many of whom still prefer their car to the train when it’s time to get to resorts. Today there’s no more economical and ecological way to travel than by train, especially given that, currently, tourists’ cars make up 50 to 80% of a resort’s carbon footprint*.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS SACCO, AGENCY CO-FOUNDER: “What’s cool about this idea is that by hijacking the snow cams of ski resorts, the Ouigo brand is occupying a communication space that no one has yet invested in, in a playful and offbeat way. And by doing so, it’s almost the creation of a new media: the Webdoor.”

NANCY GRAVEL JACQUEMOUD, MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER AND COMMUNICATION MANAGER OF THE CONTAMINES: “The idea of making people dream from a distance with the view of our snow cams while promoting the idea of reducing the carbon footprint at the resort are totally in line with our objectives! Thank you Ouigo!”

Brand Management: Najoua Ben Jemaa, Maxime Legrand, Lisa Mangin, Blandine Blanchard

Co-founders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco
ECDs : Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco
Creative Directors : Julien Saurin and Nicolas Gadesaude
Copywriter : Juliette Jaouen
Art Director : Safa Boughida
Digital Copywriter : Naïm Souilem
Digital Art Director : Robin Lassalle
Managing Director : Delphine Drutel
Account Director : Eric Hazout
Client Direcotr : Cassandre Geron
Account Manager : Briac Mauny
Strategic Planner : Basile Viault
Social Media Managers : Léo Richard, Emma Allenet
Head of production : Elodie Jonquille
TV production : Phitsana Dieu
Director of Communication : Lauren Weber-Staricky

Director/Photographer : Niels Trassoudaine
Prod : Edouard Bonnet
Director of Production : Philippe Devallez, Coline Maisel
Prodution Manager : Attia Barrere Le Roy
Decoration : Jérôme Nicol, Pierre Bertet

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