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Campaign Spotlight: Park Seo-Jun is the face of “Smart Giga K-Video Every Day” made with Dentsu Jayme Syfu

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Award-winning Korean star Park Seo-Jun is the latest to join the Smart Communications family in their newest campaign for the exciting Smart Giga K-Video Every Day offering. 

Smart, the country’s fastest mobile data network, brings you even closer to your passions with seamless access to K-Content and K-Dramas, with no ads and unlimited downloads, and generous Giga data inclusions for Youtube, Viu, and other sites, allowing you to live your best K-Life.

The 60-second spot made by Dentsu Jayme Syfu to announce the Smart x Viu partnership will get your pulse racing and your heart beating with kilig and just a little bit, or a lot!, of inggit.



It opens with Sab, who has just gotten dumped by her boyfriend, Gino, on their anniversary. But something is about to turn it all around. Park Seo-Jun arrives to comfort her, by saying in Tagalog, “K-lang ‘yan, basta may Smart Giga K-Video Every Day!” with his charming, swoon-inducing smile. And what follows next is the joy and happiness of experiencing Your K-Life Made Better with Smart, all right next to Park Seo-Jun!

Why Park Seo-Jun and K-Lang ‘Yan?

“We’ve received so much love from our subscribers and the Filipino fans in general, and we wanted to continue to bring them more happiness by bringing them much closer to their passion of the K-Life through one of the most-loved K-drama actors. The entire creative process was personally fun, but what really made it fulfilling was knowing that it’ll make our subscribers happy. I believe that our creative handle, ‘K-Lang ‘Yan, perfectly reflects the mindset that we should embrace during these times, because positivity and fortitude will help us move forward despite the present challenges,” said Jane J. Basas, Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Wireless Business of Smart.

And isn’t that the truth? K-Dramas, K-Pop, and K-Content have an incredibly comforting, immersive, and yes, even addicting, effect on viewers. Once you’re invested, nothing else matters! Though the year has not been easy or kind, millions of Filipinos have found comfort and solace in the K-Life. 

“The creative production for the campaign was both challenging and fulfilling at the same time. Partnering with Viu exposed us to how content makers advertise, working with famous foreign talents, and their management, opens up so many possibilities. Language and culture meld seamlessly in creative contexts. Working with Dentsu Jayme Syfu’s team of experts and their handling of the local and foreign production and crew made the whole process smooth despite the many requirements of this project. We are very happy with the outcome. The product has many benefits and features but I think the ad was able to deliver it simply and with impact,” said Miriam Choa, First Vice President for Consumer Market Development, Head of Smart Prepaid.

In the Philippines, the K-Life isn’t just a fad or a trend. It is a genuine passion that excites us, connects us, engages us, and many times, even gives us purpose. And Smart truly believes in bringing you closer to your passion, in order to make your K-Life better. 


Smart Communications
Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Wireless Business of Smart – Jane Basas
FVP, Head of Prepaid Marketing – Miram Choa 
AVP, Head of Smart Prepaid Marketing – Joanne Hatulan 
Junior Manager, Smart Prepaid Marketing – Jessa Carla Coson 
Vice President, Head of Content Business Development – Gerard Milan
AVP, Head of Marketing Services – Raymond Samarista
Senior Manager, Influencer Management Head – Camille Mamangon

Dentsu Jayme Syfu
Chief Creative Officer: Louie Sotto
Executive Creative Director: Biboy Royong
Creative Director: Miko Quiogue
Associate Creative Director: Therese Liboro
Copywriter: Kaye Toledo
Art Director: Sabrina Santana
Social Media Manager: Abby Bontia
Account Manager: Ina Villegas
Business Development Director: Lieza Punsalan
Managing Partner/General Manager: Ronald Barreiro
Chief Strategic Planner: Diday Alcudia

Producer: Krischelo Delgado

Philippine Production House:  UxS, Inc. 
President and CEO – Madonna Tarrayo 
Executive Producer – Ruth Colacion
Production Manager – Apple Sarmiento

South Korea Production House: MUSEUM CONTENTS 
Director – Hans Jeong
Producer – Monica Chang

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