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Campaign Spotlight: Pavillon Noir creates the first «501® NFT» for Levi’s®

PARIS, France—Levi’s® partnered with French agency Pavillon Noir to create a line of its mythic 501® Original jeans and its new sustainably designed recyclable range.

Together, Pavillon Noir and Levi’s® partnered created an exclusive version: the Levis® 501® NFT® – the world’s first series of Levi’s® jeans guaranteed for life through NFT certification. Ten «infinite» jeans from the limited series will be on display in Levi’s® stores in France, from December 18th to January 9th.

From circular 501® to “501® NFT”


This NFT guarantee will be exclusively linked to the new 501® Original, designed to be circular. This 501®, made from a blend of Circulose®, a sustainably sourced fiber made from recycled denim and organic cotton, is designed to be recyclable. This is the model of the new very limited edition of Levi’s® 501® NFT. Jeans guaranteed for life and, thanks to the technology of NFT certification, can be repaired at the Levi’s® Store on the Champs-Elysées. A technology of the future by Pavillon Noir that highlights what has always made the essence of Levi’s® jeans: their durability.

Non Fungible Token.

NFT is a Blockchain technology which uses computer protocols that encrypt, secure and identify transactions between users. As its digital, the technology allows individualization by attributing unforgeable and unique characteristics. That’s why each of the ten 501® Levi’s® NFT® jeans comes with its own unique NFT, designed by Pavillon Noir, representing its digital double: 3D digitized 501® jeans.

A National Operation

For the launch of the “501® NFT”, Pavillon Noir and Levi’s® designed an original activation that launches in France December 18th.

To get their hands on one of the ten pairs of jeans, shoppers will have to go to one of the 107 Levi’s® stores in France and scan a QR code thanks to a dedicated web app. One chance per person per day to win a ticket for a 501® NFT. The digital contest will end on January 9, when 10 winners will be drawn.

A special display, created by Pavillon Noir, awaits visitors to the head store on the Champs-Elysées in Paris where two of the jeans will be exposed for the occasion.

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