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Campaign Spotlight: Photographer Yik Keat Goes 1,109ft Off the Ground with Samsung Galaxy S10+ Bold Challenge

SINGAPORE – The result of 10 years of bold innovations, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ embodies the next generation bold. We ask three next generation bold individuals to take on epic challenges, and show the world what the phone is capable of.

What’s life without a challenge? That’s what drives urban photographer Yik Keat each time he picks up his camera. Constantly on the lookout for new and unique perspectives for his photos, Yik Keat had always wanted an opportunity to climb a skyscraper and capture the view from that height, but the legal clearance for such an expedition was near impossible.

That was until Samsung presented the Bold Challenge ensuing the release of the Galaxy S10 series. Yik Keat immediately seized the opportunity to cross one thing off his bucket list.



The mere thought of the sheer height he had to scale and whether he was up for it was a concern for Yik Keat. But as renowned photographer Ansel Adams once said: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” The idea of obtaining that once-in-a-lifetime shot gave Yik Keat the motivation he needed to overcome any fear.

Armed with the Galaxy S10+, Yik Keat found himself standing at the foot of the Macau Tower and looking up at the giant edifice he was to conquer. Undaunted, he made the climb up slowly the 81 floors.

When he reached the summit at 1,109ft, the strong winds and biting cold made it difficult to keep the camera steady as his hands were shaking. But with the Super Steady Video Stabiliser, the outcome was amazing. The video turned out smooth and clear, with hardly any sign of his trembling hands!

Yik Keat also found that with the 5 Pro-Grade Cameras, he had all the professional lenses he needed conveniently built into the Galaxy S10+. This made it a breeze switching lenses to get the shot he wanted. With just a tap, he was able to go into the 123 degrees Ultra Wide mode easily and the results of his wide cityscape photo was epic! He was impressed with the ease of capturing such a beautiful wide shot with the hassle of lugging around bulky equipment.
With the first Bold Challenge accomplished, stay tuned to find out more about the other two challengers!

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